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UNESCO pronounced 8 September as International Literacy Day. It was done on 26 October 1966 at 14th meeting of UNESCO’s General gathering. It was commended without precedent for 1967. The aim is to feature the significance of literacy to people, communities and social orders. Therefore, this observation happens in a few nations.

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According to a report, around 775 million adults lack on the basic education that is needed to be literate. Out of those, 60.7 million kids are out of school or are rare participants.

As per the UNESCO’s ‘Global Monitoring Report on Education for All’ (2006), South Asia has the most reduced territorial adult literacy rate at 58.6%. Hence, the reasons for this ignorance run from extreme poverty and the partiality against women.


The current year’s celebration is going to reveal insight into “the function of educators and evolving educational methods.” It considers literacy from the point of view of a deep rooted understanding. Thus, its significance for the young as well as grown-ups.

Amid COVID-19, in numerous nations, adult literacy programs were missing in the underlying education response plans. So, most of the adult education programs that existed were suspended. They were hence done through TV and radio, or in outdoors spaces.

Most classes and lectures are happening on the Internet. However the subject of what education process will be in the future is not known. For the celebration of International Literacy Day, the UN is sorting out online classes that go over these relevant inquiries.

There will be two gatherings held, one about the ‘Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19  crisis and beyond: the role of educators and changing pedagogies’ and another on ‘The Laureates of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2020’.


For the year 2020, the theme has been kept in accordance with the danger of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Hence it centers around, “Literacy teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.” This day is commended with an end goal to battle these issues and to give quality instruction to all.

The United Nations (UN) has given this day extraordinary subjects keeping in accordance with the current condition. Extending from ‘Education and Health’, ‘Literacy and Epidemics’. They focus on transferable diseases, such as, HIV, to ‘Literacy and Empowerment’ and ‘Literacy and Peace’ a couple of years after the fact.

Literacy Rate in India

India’s literacy rate is at 75%. Kerala has accomplished an education pace of 96.02%.

Andhra Pradesh included at the base with a pace of 66.4 percent, demonstrated a report dependent on National Statistical Office (NSO) review.

As per the investigation, after Kerala, Delhi has the best education rate at 88.7 percent, then Uttarkhand’s 87.6 percent, Himachal Pradesh’s 86.6 percent and Assam’s at 85.9 percent.

Then again, Rajasthan is the second most noticeably awful state with education rate at 69.7 percent, then Bihar at 70.9 percent, Telangana at 72.8 percent, Uttar Pradesh at 73 percent and Madhya Pradesh at 73.7 percent.

  • Love for reading never dies but it spreads all over! Happy 2020 International Literacy Day!
  • Each and every individual has the right to literacy and education.
  • Today is International Literacy Day! Share our passion and help shine a light on the need for basic literacy skills. Help us write the future. Love learning.
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Hence, Happy 2020 International Literacy Day!
  • Donate your books who don’t have any and spread the cheer of reading! Happy International Literacy Day!
  • Literacy begins at home! Read books and inspire your kids to do the same!  Happy International Literacy Day.
  • If you can read a signboard and reach the destination, thank your teacher. Happy International Literacy Day!
  • Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.  Happy International Literacy Day!
  • There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Therefore the love of books is the best of all. Happy International Literacy Day!
  • The early literacy success comes when parent involves in it! Happy International Literacy Day!

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