Mother’s Day: Another awesome Doodle by Google in 2020

Mother's Day: Another awesome Doodle by Google in 2020
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The world is feeling indebted to all Mothers today. Why not? It’s International Mother’s Day 2020. Google also came to the party with another wondrous interactive Doodle.

Mother’s Day of 2020

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May. However, many countries celebrate this day on different dates.

In India, Mother’s day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

This year’s Mother’s Day is first of its kind in its history. For the first time, we are under lockdown. In fact, this time people may be celebrating this day along with their mothers. This is so because people might be present at their homes because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

So this year people can actually say Happy Mother’s Day to their moms, to them directly, instead of wishing them on Social Media or phone.

Google, however, because of “homemade Mother’s Day card”, “virtual Mothers Day gifts” searches, decided to come up with another beautiful Doodle this year.

What was there in Mother’s Day Google Doodle? 

This year’s Google Doodle featured another interactive Doodle. Through this, you could customize some “virtual Mothers Day cards.”

Google reports that it is because of these searches Google decided to feature Mother’s Day Google Doodle on this day.

Google Doodle page read “Whether they’re near or far, make Mom a little piece of art from your heart in today’s interactive, digital card-maker Doodle.”

Mother’s Day Google Doodle had animated hearts, mother turtle with her baby. It also included giraffes made of macaroni art, flowers, dragonflies, stars made of glitter, beads and more.

You could design a wonderful Mother’s Day card with the elements mentioned above. Amazing things with these interactive Google Doodles is that one could bring their creativity out through them.

The team behind this Google Doodle! 

Its people who make a company, not the other way around. Google also featured those who were behind its Mother’s Day Google Doodle.

Here they are :

Lead Artist | Alyssa Winans

Engineering | Brian Murray, Collin Irwin, Tom Tabanao, Jacob Howcroft, Nicole Patten, Yumi Kim

Producer | Gregory Capuano, Colin Duffy

UX Design | Anthony Irwin, Diana Tran

Sound Design | Jacob Howcroft

Marketing | Perla Campos, Grace Chen

Business Affairs Lead & Partnerships | Madeline Belliveau

Doodle Team Lead | Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas


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