13 Reasons Why Delhi Metro Has Become An Everyday Part Of Delhiites Life

Delhi metro
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Delhi Metro is the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India. It has been said that the metro has changed the face of Delhi and has changed forever the way Delhiites travel. Delhi metro gave women a chance to stay out late-at least as late as the metro timings allowed. Special women’s compartments in every Delhi Metro train have added to the feeling of being in a ‘safe’ space, even if incidents of theft are rising.

Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro has become an everyday part of Delhiites life. Want to know the reasons? Here you go:

1. Save time by traveling from Delhi Metro:

Traffic kills you overhead, while under the ground the metro cruises along smoothly. Result? What makes you one hour by road, takes you 20 minutes by the metro. It saves you from huge traffic jams in the city.

2. Even lazy people can travel easily:

Yes, you may have to push your way in or out but hey if you live in Delhi you’ve probably found methods to counter your laziness by now.

3. No inconvenience:

DMRC has introduced silvery buses to connect your locality to the nearest metro station. Oh and don’t forget the Rapid Metro line in NCR. You can even use your regular metro card to travel by it.

4. No cause for panic.

Even late in the night or early morning, a metro coach is never completely deserted. For those who want to travel safely, the Delhi Metro is a great idea. Also, there’s always police around.

5. Web Friendly:

You can recharge your metro card on the DMRC website. As easy as online shopping, but far more useful. Also, there’s a Delhi Metro app that actually works.

6. People cannot be bored if:

They just find a quiet corner and plug in their earphones. All the metro is a music video now and then they don’t realize that they’ve reached.

7. Wheel Chair Facility:

For differently-abled people, a wheelchair is available at all metro stations with a guard, who will help you to board a metro and make you reach your destination.

8. Easily connected:

The Delhi Metro is constantly expanding. The metro line that connects Yellow Line to Violet Line via Mandi House station was the last one to start. And chances are you’ve taken it.

9. You always find it clean:

Metro coaches are always neat and clean that prevents unhygienic conditions and air pollution. Name one other public transport authority in India that actually maintains the cleanliness except for the Airports Authority of India because they don’t really have that big a littering issue.

10. So much crowd? No problem because:

The metro trains are so frequent that people technically never “miss” a train. They’re definitely a lot more regularly available than a bus or an auto in Delhi.

11. Separate Coach & Seats:

A full one coach is reserved for ladies in the Delhi Metro. And there seat reserves for ladies, differently-able and senior citizens in every coach.

12. Avoids Warm & Cold Conditions:

In summers, avoid the heat as the metro is installed with air conditioners. And in winter, avoid cold conditions as metro coaches become warm.

13. The environment will thank you.

This definitely appeals to the environmentally conscious. Also, does it hurt when you take out Rs 500 note from your wallet for petrol?

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Hence, wherever you go, you’ll find yourself missing it. “Arre yaar, Delhi Metro kitni sahi thi!” With the nationwide lockdown looking like it could finally end, Delhi’s favored public transport system- the Metro could soon resume services but with restrictions as staying at a safe distance from other passengers. Considering the flow in COVID-19 positive cases, prevention is the only remedy that is applicable to metro train commuters as well.

Delhiites are missing Delhi Metro rides. Do you agree? Tell us in the comment section.







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