The best live cams on YouTube which help you sneak peek into the world and beyond!

A list of 10 really awesome live cams on YouTube that you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room!
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YouTube is a fun place if you look for the right things on it to keep yourself entertained.

There was a time when YouTube simply had a video upload feature where people would upload their recorded videos for public view. However, since these videos were recorded, the sense of realism seemed to be missing.

Over the past years, YouTube has introduced LIVE cams and they are very addictive! Yes, live streaming cams from around the world that stream some really cool visuals are compiled in this list!

Here are some really cool LIVE cams on YouTube that you simply have to check out!

This channel is all about space and the most broadcasted feature on this channel is? The Earth! You can look at the International Space Station’s view of the planet with continents slowly zooming past your eyes! Oh, what a view!

You will love to see the oceans, the clouds and if you look close enough in 1080p, you can actually see the tall mountain ranges as well! You can also check out NASA’s very own live-cam aboard the ISS at

A channel that displays the train driver’s view of trains plying along the European countryside. You will get to see the alps in all their glory with views that no other movie might ever show!

You can also check out Trainfart’s channel ( to see these trains chugging along, picking up passengers, navigating through tunnels and oh yes, hooting its horn!

If you love plane-spotting but are too lazy to actually get out and see these mechanical marvels in action, here is LanzaroteWebcam!

This live feed has multiple camera views of the Lanzarote or Arrecife Airport, a small island part of the autonomous Spanish countryside of Canary Islands. You can see planes (big and small) taxing on the runway, taking off and landing with full splendor on the runway all day long!

Want to revere the twin avatar of Lord Vishnu called Nur Narayan? You can visit this cam of the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhuj to pay your holy respect to the deity every day!

The channel has multiple camera views of the idols of Radha Krishna, Swaminarayan in the form of Ghanshyam and Sukh Shaiya and other deities as well. For ISKCON Live Darshan, please visit this channel –

Want to see the busiest street intersection in the world? Check out this channel from Japan which will show at least a 1000 people crossing the iconic Shibuya intersection at peak times.

This road is so famous for its busy crowd that the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift too had scenes depicting how busy this street mostly is!

If you want to see Venice, but don’t have the money to go there, this cam is for you! This cam perfectly shows the iconic Rialto bridge and the Venice skyline in one view. The bonus? You also see the beautiful Gondolas zipping underneath the bridge that is 1000s of years old!

Fun fact: you have to read about the Rialto Bridge in Dan Brown’s bestselling book – Inferno before checking out this channel. After reading the book, you will admire the bridge even more!

P.S. This channel has more live cams spread out across the city of Venice. Check them all out!


What is more beautiful than to see visuals of Mecca live? See the journey of Muslim pilgrims performing the Tawaf around the holy Ka‘bah in Mecca as part of their Umrah (Hajj) at the holiest site on this planet for Muslims worldwide.

Even if you are not a Muslim you will love to see the sheer power of spirituality that exists in Islam. Since non-Muslims are denied entry to the Al-Masjid Al-Ḥarām which houses the Ka‘bah, you can watch these visuals on this cam feed.

When you see the pilgrims completing their 7 circles (circumambulation) around the Ka‘bah with total discipline, you’ll definitely feel the power of God!

Love puppies? Here they are!

This cam from the East Coast Assistance Dogs facility broadcasts live visuals of puppy litters that will soon become service dogs for the differently abled. Some might even join the US armed forces as guide dogs for war vets!

You can watch these pups (mostly a full litter of 10-12) prancing about, feeding, fighting, nibbling, sleeping and doing whatever they like! Imagine seeing so many puppies in one place at once!

Check out this channel’s Live Beach Webcam of Koh Samui in Thailand.

You’ll love seeing the setting sun here for sure! The view is so amazing that you’ll feel as if you are right there laying on a recliner, right in front of the massive ocean!

Want to enjoy a party with an awesome in-house group of DJs from Indonesia? Check out this channel’s live videos, you’ll get hooked to the music in seconds!

You will get to hear some really cool EDM and Alternative Rock mixes with hot girls dancing around the club! If you want to party, this is the place to be!

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