Controversial topics that flared up unnecessarily on social media!

Here are some potboiler topics that gained unwanted attention on social media thanks to keyboard warriors of India.
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India is a land of controversies. While many issues are necessary to be talked about on social media, there are issues that are unnecessary trolled online thanks to keyboard warriors who hide behind the façade of the online world and attack someone’s views.

Here is a list of topics that were normal issues until the social media army of India decided to step-in and make the issues a topic of national discussion!

  • Rishi Kapoor admitted that he bought a Best Actor Award he won.

Rishi Kapoor, the son of iconic filmmaker Raj Kapoor and a part of the ever-famous Kapoor khaandaan lamented in his autobiography that he indeed bought his Filmfare Best Actor Award for the film Bobby that he won for his debut film in 1973.

That was it! Twitter and Facebook exploded trying to ascertain if all awards are fixed. People gave in all sorts of comments against Rishi, but Rishi is smart; he blocks people who bark at him. He had already apologized for his mistake; what else can the people expect?

This is not old news, even Ajay Devgn in an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, too has admitted that “all award shows are rigged!” Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan too has said that he wished to ‘buy’ an award for himself. In a laughable incident, Kriti Sanon won the “Nothing to Hide’’ award at Star Screen Awards recently! This pointless award was probably awarded to her because her bid price may have been lower. LOL!

  • Kangna Ranaut – The controversy ‘Queen’

The Kangna Ranaut-Hritik Roshan ugly spat and Kangna Ranaut-Karan Johar face-off are now ever-famous worldwide! The National-Award winning actress didn’t think twice before washing her dirty linen in public by sharing details of her alleged relationship online and on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, a popular TV show. Hritik too visited Republic TV to lament on this issue. Is this what news channels are there to broadcast now?

In another issue, she blatantly called Karan Johar the ‘Flag Bearer of Nepotism’ on his very own talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’! This is when the whole ‘nepotism’ debate started in India against the star kids.

  • The Cracker Ban

The Supreme Court imposed a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR during the period of Diwali. LOL!

That was it! The ‘to-burn-or-not-burn’ crackers during Diwali was a major hit on social media. Environmentalists and environment-lovers supported the ban saying that the environment could get a ‘breather’, but people who love bursting crackers said, ‘What is Diwali without crackers?’ Anyway, the ban was upheld. The temporary anti-pollution still lambasted online as a religious dispute in which people justified how environment-friendly their religion actually was in comparison to Hinduism.


  • Sonu Nigam’s tweets on ‘banning’ Azaan

Sonu Nigam, a famous Indian playback singer, and TV show host took to Twitter to complain that his sleep was getting disturbed! Nope, his sleep wasn’t getting disturbed due to his personal life! He was being disturbed by the azaans on loudspeakers near his home! The issue got out of hand when he took to Twitter to rant about it. He was so angry that he preferred venting on Twitter rather than filing a police complaint first. Amateur!

What ensued was a battle of words against common people about complaining about ‘noise pollution’ and peace whereas Nigam kept using the term ‘forced religiousness’. Muslims objected to the Hindu rituals being loudly celebrated over loudspeakers all day whereas an azaan only happens for a few minutes. To take matters further, Nigam refused to apologize to other communities for apparently ‘hurting’ their sentiments. He even shaved his head in protest and quit Twitter!


  • Padmavat minus the ‘I’

Well, this is as good as it gets! The movie got into the eye of the storm even before its release, so the eventual solution the censor board found was to drop the ‘I’ from the movie’s name and release it! LOL!

Apparently, the movie kicked up a storm for allegedly “exploiting” the pride of the Rajput community because the Karni Sena, a fringe saffron group and the descendants of Rani Padmavati felt that the movie was supposedly showing the queen in a bad light (even before watching the movie they jumped to this conclusion).

Suddenly, more and more Hindu brigades were hitting the streets and threatening anyone who supported the release of the movie. The center of the controversy was the movie’s song ‘Ghoomar’ which was frowned upon due to its suggestive dance and improper portrayal of Rajput history since Deepika’s midriff was visible. The movie sets were vandalized, the director of the movie Sanjay Leela Bhansali was brutally assaulted, the perpetrators threatened to chop body parts of the movie’s cast and most of all on social media, threats of self-immolation by Rajput women were being issued. Eventually, the movie was released with a few minor cuts and an altered name, Deepika’s midriff was covered with CGI and guess what? Nothing happened after the movie’s release! It got banned in many states across India, but no self-immolation, no burning of movie theatres, anything of that sort happened! Maybe, it was a drama created to promote the movie. Sad!


Now, you can say ‘it happens only in India’! Rather than talking about topics of national interest, we make nonsense topics into topics of national interest! Slow claps for every Indian out there who does this!


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