Conspiracy Theories On Which A Part Of The World Believe

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Novel Coronavirus has created a terrific situation around the world causing 10,83,081 cases and 58,149 deaths. There have been many assumptions made about its occurrence. Chinese Health Authorities claim the disease to be emerged from the sea-food market of Wuhan, China, while a US media report states it as one of the conspiracy theories.

According to the brimming conspiracy, COVID-19 is a bio-weapon that was leaked from one of the labs. In the ET Prime report, it is said that there was a group of Chinese scientists who have been working on the most deadly pathogens and have created the virus that causes respiratory syndrome in humans. Apart from that, the doctor in China who was the first person to discover the virus was also silenced by the country authorities. All this is said to be done by China intentionally to lessen other countries’ economies.

Listed below are other conspiracy theories of the world:

John F. Kennedy Assassination

John F Kennedy Assasination, Conspiracy Theories On Which A Part Of The World Believe | VoxyTalksy

President John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963, shot by two bullets, one in the head, one in the neck while riding in an open-bested limo through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of murdering him, and a presidential commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren found that Oswald acted alone.

An ABC News survey in 2003 found that 70% of Americans trust Kennedy’s demise was the consequence of a more extensive plot. The direction of the projectiles, some say, didn’t shape with Oswald’s place on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Others propose a subsequent shooter who maybe with Dealey Plaza took part in the shooting. Others have faith in a significantly more secretive conspiracy assistance.

In 1998, the Assassinations Records Review Board uncovered irregularities in the earlier examinations. The Board’s central expert for military records fought that the cerebrum photos in the Kennedy records were most likely not of Kennedy’s brain. The gunshot wound wasn’t actually matching.

9/11 Terror Attack

9/11 terror attack, conspiracy theories, voxytalksy

On 11th September 2001, four traveler planes were seized by radical Islamist terrorists. About 3,000 individuals were murdered as the airplane was flown into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field. Only hours after the breakdown of New York’s Twin Towers, a fear inspired notion surfaced online which perseveres over 16 years after the fact.

Potential thought processes by conspiracy theory scholars guarantee that the 9/11 attack was an inside job. Terrorists of Al Qaeda laden with weapons were possibly not able to cross the borders through strict checkings in the US airport, still, they hijacked the four aircraft. Some people of the country were involved in activities that incorporate legitimizing the trespassing of Afghanistan and Iraq to propel their geostrategic advantages. For example, plans to build a flammable gas pipeline through Afghanistan. Other paranoid notions rotate around specialists having advance information on the assaults and intentionally overlooking or helping the assailants.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the innovation magazine Popular Mechanics have explored and dismissed the cases made by 9/11 intrigue scholars.


HIV AIDS, conspiracy theories, voxytalksy

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially revealed the HIV/AIDS scourge in 1981, some media gossips have persevered that the fatal infection was made by the CIA to clear out gay people and African Americans.

HIV was created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill off African Americans and gays; it’s not brought about by an infection by any stretch of the imagination. As the rising HIV/AIDS emergency constrained researchers and well-being experts to change their propensities and practices. Somewhat on account of the study of the infection by AIDS-influenced lay gatherings, those equivalent gatherings put their confidence in the health callings network.

Others claim that the legislature intentionally infused gay men with the infection during 1978 Hepatitis-B explores in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Therefore the final decision was absolute that AIDS was let free on the world by natural fighting experimenters at Fort Detrick.

Mother Teresa A CIA Agent

mother-teresa | Philip K | Flickr

Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic group of ladies committed to helping poor people. Considered one of the Twentieth Century’s most prominent philanthropic people, she was sanctified as Saint Teresa in Calcutta.

But according to a conspiracy theory, Mother Teresa was a CIA specialist used to stop India from falling affected by the USSR during the Cold War. Reportedly interested by Christianity in the USSR, she took her crucial the socialist state in 1989 with the assistance of Raissa Gorbacheva, spouse of previous Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.

As indicated by the hypothesis, Mother Teresa was working for US knowledge on the excursion, utilizing her impact to meet with USSR pioneers and send secret messages back to authorities in the US.

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Barrack Obama Controls Weather

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After the deplorable occasions of Hurricane Sandy, a few papers began spreading the message that this occasion may have been designed by none other than Barack Obama.

It was accepted that the president utilized The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program to make the tropical storm, and a few people even talked about this being a path for the president to be reappointed. Intrigue scholars likewise guarantee that the administration utilizes the Alaska-based program to change the climate utilizing electromagnetic waves, which fundamentally implies that Obama controlled the climate. This is one of the craziest conspiracy theories believed by some people.

Lady Diana Was Assassinated

File:Princess Diana Funeral St James Park 1997.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Another scheme of the popular conspiracy theories including the British imperial family bases on the hypothesis that Princess Diana didn’t pass on unintentionally in Paris in 1997, however, was purposely killed.

Various examinations, specialists and an investigation have all concurred with the official record of occasions: that the Princess of Wales was murdered in view of the “horribly careless” driving of her driver Henri Paul, who had been drinking. Conspirators, in any case, accept what happened was not a terrible mishap yet rather a hit completed by specialists of the British state.

The then Harrods-proprietor Mohamed al-Fayed, whose child Dodi was dead in the accident, guaranteed the killings were requested on the grounds. In any case, a 2013 YouGov survey found that 38% of the British individuals despite everything trust Diana was killed.

Salt Conspiracy Of India

salt conspiracy, conspiracy theories, voxytalksy

The extension of potassium iodate to ordinary salt, the technique by which iodized, salt is made in India was stated to be a bit of an ‘inside and out delivered conspire’ by overall undertakings to get the Indian salt market, while unreasonable usage of iodized salt makes people defenseless against TB, diabetes, infection, and peevishness. Then again so declared Mahesh Sharma in a gathering with the New York Times. Mr. Sharma was a person from India’s parliament and holds a seat on the controlling leading body of trustees of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM), a Hindu loyalist in any case called National Awakening Front.

Because of the SJM’s announcements, a fragment of the Indian populace had not utilized iodized salt, trusting it to be a piece of a worldwide corporate trick. The conviction was across the board, and its results were not a joke. Iodized salt was viewed as the most proficient and financially savvy methods for fighting Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD), a crippling condition pondered by inadequate iodine. Being one of the conspiracy theories, at last, a portion of the realities was controlled by the conspiracy-makers.


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