12 Unusual Professions in India that pay!

12 Unusual Professions in India that pay! - VoxyTalksy
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India is diverse not only in its culture and traditions but also in how we Indians perceive what a ‘paying job’ really means. We are going you take you through some funny yet, unusual and weird professions of India that pay enough to make a sustainable living and some that have been passed on from generation to generation.

The SRK movie Raees staunchly proclaims in a famous dialogue, “Ammi jaankehtithi ki koi dhandachotanahihotaaurdhandesebada koi dharamnahihota”, which means my mom used to say that no job is too small and it is equal to ethics of duty.

Seems like Indians are born with this principle ingrained in their minds! There are many jobs and vocations many Indians do that are either oblivious to most foreigners or that might haven’t even crossed their minds! However, they still pay enough to carve a life out of!

Snake Charmers-one of the simplest of unusual professions in India  

Snake charmers have a simple job to do, play a side-blown flute (been) and make a snake dance to the tune of the been in front of admiring spectators.

The snake doesn’t really ‘dance’ (it’s totally deaf); it simply tries to adjust itself into an attack position to protect itself. This ‘art’ is slowly fading away due to strong animal rights activism. Although it is a really lame job, it pays well.

Transgender Entertainers

In India, every celebration in a family marks the appearance of neighbourhood transgender women who are locally known as ‘kinnar’. Many people consider blessings by kinnars for a new-born child, marriage, etc. as very auspicious.

The kinnars perform clap and dance gleefully at such events in exchange for alms that can earn them many thousand rupees in a single day!

Professional Mourners

In Rajasthan, there is a certain section of women who are hired as mourners (‘rudaali’). They have one simple job – to cry out loud and shriek as much as they can at a funeral of someone who is not even related to them!

It is an odd custom since the old times, but these women are proudly earning money for their family. Weird sort of women empowerment, eh?

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We believe that these unusual professions are found in India only, Let us know if you have seen these types of Weird Jobs outside India also?

Luggage Porters

Indian Railways is simply incomplete without these porters called coolies who help people by carrying their heavy luggage to their respective train or outside the train station. Indians would not find it one of the weird jobs of India since there are some Bollywood movies made on coolie as well.

They get meagre pay but are indispensable especially since Indians have an uncanny habit of taking very heavy luggage with them for all kinds of journeys. Next time you meet a coolie, please pay him well.

ATM Security Guard

Funny isn’t it? ATMs in India are so susceptible to tampering or theft that most banks need to hire professional security guards to keep watch on these machines.

It is another matter that the guards are mostly found absent from the ATM premises or sleeping inside the ATM vestibule. LOL!

‘Professional’ Beggars

Yeah, don’t be surprised! There are many people in India who turn professional beggars at strategic places to earn alms!

Bharat Jain is considered India’s richest professional beggar! He earns approximately 60K per month, owns two apartments (worth 70 lakhs each) and also earns 10,000 rupees per month as rent from a juice shop! Are you feeling jealous?

Parrot Astrologers

Nope, you read it right! In India, parrots do the ‘talking’!

The human accompanying the parrot simply opens a cage the parrot is enclosed within. The parrot then hops out of the cage and cherry-picks your ‘fortune’ with its beak from a bunch of 27 tarot cards. Each card represents a Hindu deity and the human tells you what fortune/misfortune it brings for you.

Now, that is a parrot with swag!

Out of these which unusual, quirky professions in India do you find most amazing and have taken services of?


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