Coronavirus a biological weapon? Yes! as per My Secret Terrius

Do you think Coronavirus to be a biological weapon? As per Netflix's Koren Drama My Secret Terrius, it is! People are amazed after this discovery.

Coronavirus a biological weapon?Yes! as per My Secret Terrius-voxytalksy
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The world is under a lockdown! Coronavirus has taken its toll on us. Noval coronavirus COVID-19 has caused the World Health Organization(WHO) to declare Coronavirus as a global health emergency. As of now, there have been more than 4.9 lakhs cases of Coronavirus so far with over 22,000 deaths worldwide. Amidst such panic, there is a buzz on social media that Coronavirus is actually a biological weapon! As per My Secret Terrius, a drama of Korea that aired on Netflix in 2018 had a scene that describes coronavirus to be a project that was designed as a biological weapon by a pharma company.

Popular actor So Ji-sub had acted in the web series along with Son Ho-jun, Jung In-sung, Im Se-mi. Its first episode was aired on 27 September 2018.

Since the series is in Korean, English subtitles come into play. Most of the twitter users have even mentioned the exact time on which one can watch about coronavirus. Please note that the word ‘coronavirus’ is mentioned clearly with all its symptoms.

“If you got netflix then Go on it and and watch ‘my secret Terrius’ season 1 episode 10. This came out 2 years ago. Watch from 53:20 to 55mins “

Posted a user.

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Some amazing similarities between the scene and the current COVID-19 scenario

It is astounding to see many similarities between web series and corona situation right now.

  • “MARS, SARS, common flu, they all fall in the same family with the same gene formation”.
  • “The virus attacks the respiratory system”. It is probably this line that has made netizens mad. COVID-19 is also a flu-like disease that causes respiratory illness. It fosters mucus formation because of which, people suffering from the disease are unable to breathe.
  • “It is a mutant virus. Someone has tweaked it to increase the mortality up to 90% “
  • “The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs with just 5 minutes of being exposed”

Please note that this show is not available in India. However, if you search #mysecretterrius in twitter, you would many videos.

Another movie named Contagion directed by Steven Soderbergh also had a similar theme.



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