The Most Amazing Fashion Trends of 2020 to lookout for

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Fashion trends are ever-changing. What is trending today might be obsolete tomorrow and vice-versa. What we wear depends on the season but the inspiration usually trickles down from the fashion weeks and our beloved celebrities. You would be lying if you say that you don’t follow a plethora of fashion bloggers on Instagram to see what’s in vogue. But sadly, not everyone can afford a $9000 Chanel to wear it only once because we all know how we feel about repeating clothes, right? However, if you know what items are fancied and how to coordinate them, you can very efficiently recreate extravagant outfits.
So, have a quick look at the best fashion trends for 2020 and get ready to make heads turn.

1. Neon

Neons are bringing back the 80s and how! Right from a full-blown neon suit to a mere pop of color as accessories, this trend is here to dictate 2020. Neon greens, pinks, and purples were all the rage across the runways this season. You can simply wear this trend as a bag, hat or shoes if you feel it’s too overpowering for you. However, if you are experimental and dare to pull it off, nothing like a nice pair of neon stockings and shoulder pads to make you stand out from the crowd.

neon glasses

2. Animal Prints

Animal Prints have always been a statement. However, 2020 has been about focussing on other animals in the Jungle rather than just one. This trend has grown considerably from zebra stripes and leopard spots to the snake-skin print being the most prevalent right now. Fast Fashion stores like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M, with their diverse prints and styles, are accountable for making this trend a rage among the crowds.

animal prints

3. Feathers

If it wasn’t obvious already, the Met Gala 2019 explicitly clarified about feathers being the standout fashion trend in 2020. Bringing back Hollywood’s golden era glamour, this trend can be found anywhere right from handbags to coats. The spring/summer 2019 catwalks were full of them and everyone, right from Gucci and Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta have been adorning hems, cuffs, sandals and necklines with them. The trend has continued to rock the runway and stay strong this season as well.
Not just clothes, feathers will also be seen as a major accessory trend with feather hoop earrings and bracelets.


4. Tie-Dye

This trend is not ‘dying’ anytime soon (Pun intended). Tie-Dye which was once a common DIY activity is coming centre stage as renowned designers like Prabal Gurung are giving it a new life. This trend is undoubtedly one of the core fashion trends for 2020 with a variety of these prints, across popular retail stores, on items as diverse as jackets, pants and even shoes. However, the best feature of this fashion is truly its versatility. Since, it comes in numerous colour combinations, patterns and intensities, it becomes extremely easy to mix-up this trend with staple blue jeans or a neutral colour t-shirt. All in all, it’s a great trend to test your creative side and experiment with colours and prints.

tie dye

5. Logo Accessories

Flaunting logo accessories is going to be a very hot trend in 2020. It is undeniable that wearing explicit statement jewellery from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton will serve as a status symbol, hence this fashion trend will never slow down.
Fendi’s luxurious furry scarves were unabashedly intriguing. At Alexander Wang, logos decorated exhibiting hosiery and enriched the outfits giving it a grunge appeal. Dolce & Gabbana had brazenly logoed gloves on the runway. Apart from these, logo accessories at Balenciaga are as explicit as they can be, with necklaces blazoning the name of the brand.

logo accessories

Apart from these, pastels, power suits and crochet footwear are also going to be relevant to this fashionable season. This more or less sums up all the significant trends upcoming this fall. However, it’s important to remember that even though it’s great to be up to the minute with trends, it is even better to be content with what you are wearing. You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort and suffer in pain, just because a particular shoe is in trend. Wear sneakers and slippers and whatever makes you happy because ultimately fashion is about self-expression and bringing out your distinct sense of style.

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