Best Bike Racing Games for Android in 2020

Bike Racing Games
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We all are game lovers and are much more crazy about playing bike racing games. Nowadays, as there are many Bike Racing Games that are available over the play store, but many of them are not so cool as their names look. So, here we have compiled a list of the best bike racing games on Android by having an overview of many factors like comments, user ratings, and others.

It is another great choice in all bike racing games for Android users. We can also compete for online players across the globe. We can even change the appearance of the bike and rider.

And it offers a wide range of high-speed bikes like Yamaha and Karizma etc. This game offers ultra-smooth tilt control with almost more than 6 million users. This game provides the actual physics of bike racing.

Bike Attack Race is another best game in the list of bike racing games for Android smartphones. The game provides ten different levels of challenges and difficulty; approx 10 million users have downloaded this game.

It provides the Awesome 3D graphics with tilt controls. We can even collect the pickup of boost, stunts, and power. We can also fight with some other players with punches and kicks.

The game stands out from the rest because of its simplicity. The real racing three boasts of beautiful graphics and next to real-world cars and race tracks. It is easy to navigate the vehicle from some other control options and to choose your viewing sight.

Some other features of the game include the multiple gaming modes – including the standard races, time-shift multiplayer mode, time trials, and challenge mode, and even timely update to add new content such as racing events and new cars. You can even unlock some of the new content by winning races.

The CSR Racing 2 is an entirely different kind of racing game. You don’t need to steer, accelerate, or even put breaks but win a race with precise start and timely gear shifts. It may not be as dynamic as the contemporary racing games but even requires the utmost skill. On the false start, and it may even cost you the race.

Players can indulge in CSR Racing 2 is a single-player as well as the multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can also customize your car with paint, interior trim, rims, and technical elements such as tire pressure and gear ratios.

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Trial Frontier is an interesting game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. The game is smooth and addictive, that you cannot stop yourself from playing this game. Simple race on different tracks and upgrade your vehicle. You can even play this game in the multiplayer mode, too; there, you will get ranking and rewards as well. The best part is that there are more than 250 missions with more than 50 hours of gameplay in about ten different environments. And many bikes to choose from.

Death Moto 3 is another best racing game for Android smartphones. You can run on dozens of tracks with many different skins and weapons. In the 90s, the goal is to complete all the races, inciting your opponent’s easily, and this is what you have to do in this installment too.

In Death Moto 3, you do not have to run full speed on the track in the whole world while dodging traffic; you have to fight with other racers as well. To do this, you have a valley weapon to kill your opponents, and a gun is to shoot them at a distance. Apart from this, you can also use some of the special weapons like Missile Launcher.

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