The best Android games across multiple genres to play this season on your phone!

A multiple-genre list of the best android games you can currently play on your smartphone or tablet.

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Let’s take a little time out for ourselves, shall we?

If you are not the outdoorsy type and love to spend time on your smartphone all day long, here is an alternative – why not play some cool games instead? The Play store has ‘play’ in it for a reason!

Voxytalksy brings you a cool compilation of the 10 best games you can play on your Android smartphones right away! Here they are:

1)   RACING – Micro Machines

A simple yet really addictive racing game in which you select a race mode and compete against real players – so simple!

As you keep playing more races, you will keep unlocking new vehicles and race tracks. You get to choose the weapons you need to finish the line in the first position and in the Battle mode, you simply battle it out with total mayhem!

Price: Free, in-app purchases.


2)   FIRST PERSON SHOOTER – Shadowgun Legends

From the house of Madfinger Games (who had built the Dead Trigger 2 game) comes Shadowgun Legends which is high on graphics and is full of weapons and armor that you can use in various ways to keep yourself alive.

The game has single player, versus, multiplayer and co-op team challenges that will keep you busy playing the game all day long! Plus, the game is free, so you can learn to play it in your own time.

Price: Free, in-app purchases.


3)   FIGHT GAME – Shadow Fight 3

A simple game with a simple objective – beat your opponent to dust!

The Shadow Fight series is a really powerful game series which lets you explore a variety of game styles and also lets you add a lot of armour and weapons to your repertoire.

Price: Free, in-app purchases.


4)   OFFLINE PLAYABLE – Eternium


Basically, the classic RPG Diablo on steroids, this game is perfect to play offline since it has no stamina or power gauge and lets you hack your opponents to death limitlessly. To make it play offline, you simply need to update the game’s files once.

You can opt for different characters and unlock various abilities and weapons as you play along in the game. Controls are fairly simple and you can execute moves with simple gestures on your gameplay screen. A must-have when your internet is down, or if you are stuck in a metro!

Price: Free, in-app purchases.


5)   ENDLESS RUNNER – Run Sausage Run!

You are on a quest – a quest to save your life as a sausage from being cooked in a kitchen! You escape various objects like knives, blades, and grills to avoid being eaten.

This game is as fun as the classic Temple Run. You can unlock various outfits via collecting new power-ups and customize the look of your sausage. No pun intended!

To remove the ads, you can conduct an in-app purchase.

Price: Free, in-app purchases.



6)   PUZZLE GAME – Rolling Snail

A simple physics-based drawing game in which you have to make sure to help your snail get to the next level. You keep drawing lines for the snail to crawl and slip and slide along, sometimes dropping rocks and cutting lines drawn by you.

You have to keep collecting stars (max 3) to advance to the next level. It isn’t as simple as it sounds since it gets tougher as you keep leveling up. A must buy for sure!

Price: $2.99 (₹ 300) , with in-app purchases.


7)   STRATEGY – The Battle of Polytopia

Conquer new lands and battle tribes who try to conquer you instead – simple! You can quickly level up in this game by choosing the right tribe and explore your lands with ease.

The maps are easy to navigate and the gameplay is also easy to understand. Since the game size is low, it does not offer too many upgrades or souvenirs to collect, but it is still engaging enough.

Price: Free, in-app purchases.



8)   SPORTS – Table Tennis Touch

The BEST ping pong game on Google Play! You will have to pay $2.99 to play it, but it is totally worth the buck! Very soon, you’ll figure that with just a few swishes, you can play topspin, backspin and powerful smashes with ease – just like a pro!

The game’s AI can be a bit intimidating for beginners so you can also play against real people to get a feel of the game first.

Price: $2.99 (₹300), with additional in-app purchases.


So, that’s it! A nifty little list of some games you can play when you are free. We have tried to cover one game from each popular gaming genre and will follow up with more such articles in the future. Until then, let’s play!


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