Easiest Pre-Holi hacks to protect your hair and skin

You're almost ready for a hell lot of fun, but before that, here are a few quick hacks that will save your hair and skin!

holi hacks
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The festival of colours is almost here and what makes it more fun this time is that it brings along with it a long weekend to eat gujiyas and have lots of thandai with friends and family. If you are one of those fun-loving socializers who can’t wait to play with gulaal- this article is just for you. No matter how much fun it is to get, colours rubbed all over your face for the most colourful Instagram picture, it cannot be ignored that the chemicals used in the colours these days are very toxic and cause extreme damage to the skin. Hence, it becomes crucial to follow some pre-Holi skin care tips to avoid looking like a clown for a week after the festivities are over.

1. A little hair oil goes a long way

Now, if you were planning to open your hair and let it loose while you run to save yourself from the colours – drop the idea immediately. Not only will this cause irreversible damage to your hair, but it will also make it prone to scalp infections. So, listen to your mom’s age-old advice and oil your hair. It could be almond, coconut, olive, or a mixture of all – as long as it is natural, your hair will be safe. Furthermore, you could wear a fancy hat which goes with your outfit and protect your hair while looking uber cool. Lastly, braid your hair or tie them in a ponytail or a messy bun instead of letting it open to minimize the damage as much as possible.

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2. Fun under the Sun

Do I even need to talk about the importance of using sunscreens? There are already enough articles on the internet talking about the harmful effects of UV rays and the way they make our skin age faster. Now imagine the damage caused to your baby-soft skin when these harsh rays come in contact with all the harmful colour on your skin. To avoid regretting later, make sure you lather your skin generously with a gel-based sunscreen having a minimum of SPF 30. You could also use a cream-based formula, but there are chances that it might wash away.

holi hacks

3. The Holi-Grail

After you have protected your hair and skin, it’s time to preserve those nails you’ve been growing for so long. Apply castor oil on the cuticles and then coat at least 2 layers of dark nail paint on them. Trust me; this hack works wonders, and you’ll thank me once you see your friends roaming around with pink nails for a month because they did not know about this genius hack. If you’re a guy, coat your nails with a transparent nail colour. It won’t be visible and will work like magic!

holi hacks

Now you’re almost ready for a hell lot of fun, but before that, here are a few quick hacks that will save your day!

  1. Apply lip balm or coconut oil on your lips to avoid dry and chapped lips.
  2. Do not wear heavy makeup. Instead, show off your naturally beautiful skin with a minimal moisturiser and sunscreen.
  3. Do not shy away from applying oil all over your body. The oil will make sure the colour doesn’t stick to your skin, and removing it would be a cakewalk!
  4. Try to wear clothes which cover your body as much as possible. It will ensure you spend less time in the shower scrubbing the colours off.
  5. Wear comfortable footwear which allows you to walk and run freely and does not cause painful shoe bites and blisters.
  6. Last but not the least, remember to loads of fun and have a great holi!

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