National Technology Day amid COVID-19: 2020 Celebration

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National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11 across India. The day denotes the anniversary of Pokhran Nuclear Tests (Operation Shakti) of 1998.

It furthermore denotes India’s achievements in the field of science and technology.

Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee termed this day as 11 May to go about as a token of India’s technology development.

This year in 2020, National Technology Day amid COVID-19 will be celebrated a bit differently.

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National Technology Day features noteworthy accomplishments of our researchers, scientists, and engineers. It also praises their important commitment in the field of science and technology.

It additionally supports the youth towards this field and holding onto it as a lifelong alternative.


The day additionally remarks the trip of Hansa-3, India’s first all-composite aircraft.

It was flown in Bengaluru when the atomic tests were being sorted out in Rajasthan.

The National Aerospace Laboratories created Hansa-3.

The aircraft was a two-seater, light broad flight plane. It is still used in the flying establishments for sports, pilot training, elevated photography, supervision.

Hansa-3 also handles tasks related to the Earth’s environment.


“Rebooting the economy”, this is the theme for this year’s National Technology Day that will be celebrated on Monday, in India.

Furthermore, this year due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the economies of almost every country in this world has been degraded.

Hence, the Technology Development Board (TDB) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will be organizing a conference.

According to a report, the Ministry of Science and Technology stated, “Keeping in mind the need of the hour to formulate a comprehensive action plan to reboot the economy, TDB is celebrating the Technology Day, focusing on technological solutions towards that end. These technologies would include, medical technologies, advanced technologies and manufacturing that would prepare India for the post-COVID-19 time.”

Member of Science, NITI Aayog Dr. V. K. Saraswat, Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India, Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan, Chief Scientist will address the programme.

Additionally, WHO official, Dr. Saumya Swaminathan; DST, Secretary Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, and a few others will also be present.

  • With every innovation, let’s celebrate the future of India. Happy National Technology Day!
  • Technology enables progress and knowledge. Happy National Technology Day 2020!!
  • Today let’s remember those brilliant scientists and the people behind all the technology growth in India. Happy Technology Day.
  • India as a nuclear power strength is emerging as a global leader. Salute to the leaders and their vision!
  • On this day, big salute to the scientists, researchers, and engineers whose innovations have made our lives better and easier.
  • Happy National Technology Day. Help the world by creating more amazing things!
  • Science & Technology for a Sustainable Future! Happy Technology Day 2020!

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