International Youth Day 2020: Celebration, Tweets, Wishes

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The United Nations‘ (UN) International Youth Day is commended on August 12 every year to perceive endeavors of the world’s childhood in improving worldwide society. It likewise expects to elevate approaches to connect with them in getting all the more effectively associated with making positive commitments to their networks.

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The UN characterizes the universes’ childhood as the age bunch somewhere in the range of 15 and 24 years of age, making up one-6th of the human population. In 1991, youngsters who were accumulated in Vienna, Austria, proposed the thought of International Youth Day for the principal meeting of the UN’s World Youth Forum.

In 1998 a goal declaring August 12 as International Youth Day was embraced during the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth. Thhe UN General Assembly supported the suggestion later in 1999. Therefore, International Youth Day was first observed in 2000.


International Youth Day offers a chance to celebrate and standard young people groups’ voices, actions and activities, just as their significant, widespread and fair commitment. The recognition will appear as a digital recording style conversation that is facilitated from youth for youth. Along with autonomously composed celebrations around the globe that perceive the significance of youth support in political, monetary and public activity and processes.


The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”

Hence, the theme marks to feature the manners in which the commitment of youngsters at the local, national and global levels is improving national and multilateral foundations and procedures. It also draw exercises on how their portrayal and commitment in formal institutional legislative issues can be altogether upgraded.

Popular Tweets on the Day

  • The youths of today when prepared legitimately will be the fate of tomorrow. It is left to you to do the needful Happy International Youth Day!
  • Take risks in your life.
    If you win; you may lead.
    If you lose; you may guide
    Happy International Youth Day!
  • To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. Happy International Youth Day!
  • Today, we are celebrating all the young at heart, vibrant in mind, and beautifully youths all over the world. Happy International Youth Day!
  • Preach the message of change to secure the future of our youth today. Happy International Youth Day!
  • The youth is the hope of our future. Happy International Youth Day!
  • Keep Inspiring, keep building responsible citizens. Promote a simple and healthy lifestyle. Conserve energy and save the earth.
  • The youths are the legends of tomorrow And the appreciate dependably welcome the saints of today. Happy International Youth Day 2020!
  • The youth are the youthful firearms of the nation who will convey the new change to lead another changed life for better.
  • The youths are the legends of tomorrow and the appreciate dependably welcome the saints of today.

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