In Videos:How Google celebrated World Earth Day 2019

world earth day 22 april
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Today Google dedicated it’s Google to World Earth Day that is being celebrated today worldwide. 

Every year April 22 is observed as World Earth Day with a different theme, in order to protect our Earth and Environment. It has been celebrated since 1970.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day

“Protect our species”

Today’s Interactive Google Doodle based on the above theme listed these species that are in danger :

-Wandering Albatross that has a wingspan of more than 11 feet.

Sequoia sempervirens or Coast redwood is believed to be 1200-1800 years old. It is the tallest living species of plant with their growth being as high as 379 feet. These are largely found in California USA.

-Paedophryne amanuensis is the world’s smallest frog


-Victoria amazonic or Amazon Water Lilly is a plant that has leaves up to 9.8 ft in size.


-Coelacanth, this species of fish is as old as dinosaurs



-Deep Cave Springtails that have no eyes.







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