7 of India’s most underrated stand-up comics

Let’s celebrate the talent of these 7 brilliant yet quirky stand up artists from India who are helping evolve India’s comedy culture.

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Live. Laugh. Love. That’s what we at Voxytalksy at believe!

As learned people have always opined that ‘humor is the spice of life’, we are proud to be celebrating the surge of a comedy culture in India.

We now have live standup sessions, standup comic specials on video streaming sites and hordes of talented comics with millions of followers on YouTube. India is finally ‘growing up’ by discovering its funny bone!

These comics are so dang funny that you should definitely binge-watch their videos if you have some free time on your hands. If you don’t, the wrath of the comic God – KRK (Kamaal R Khan) will hound you! Why KRK? Who else has so many memes on oneself on social media? Who? Who??

Ok! Enough talk! Here’s the drumroll for our beloved ‘shuddh’ desi comics who have taken social media by storm:

1-   Kenny Sebastian

YouTube Handle – youtube.com/user/kennethseb




The most ‘Paavam’ (pure) soul of its kind on this planet, this young lad is an alter ego we all would love to have! From his ‘one bucket’ bath ritual to his ‘Chai Time Comedy with Kenny’ series – he can make even a stone snigger!

He can make jokes on something as ignored as biscuits we have for breakfast! You cannot ignore how adorable he is when he describes how ‘middle class’ he really is! That’s how ‘Paavam’ he really is!

2-   Rajneesh Kapoor

YouTube Handle – youtube.com/channel/UCChns7iCTh11Leb2wC6cbkQ




At first glance, you’ll wonder if he looks eerily similar to the Bollywood actor, director cum theatre personality Rajat Kapoor. Well, they are brothers!

Moving on, Rajneesh is the king of subtle hints. His Delhi vs Gurgaon and Delhi vs Bombay jokes are so subtle yet so relatable, no one can say they got ‘offended’ because he speaks the TRUTH!

His ‘English’ lessons are also a must watch!

3-   Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

YouTube Handle –youtube.com/user/Jeeveshu




His name is as weird as his mannerisms! The scornful face he makes when his ‘over-optimistic’ mom makes him tindey ki sabzi and nags him to lose weight is literally everybody’s mom! We love how he takes his divorce positively and even makes jokes on himself especially since he is the self-proclaimed ‘Salman Khan of standup’ – the fat kind! We love how he yells out ‘Maaiya-ve’.

4-   Abhishek Upmanyu

YouTube Handle – youtube.com/user/upmanyukaran




Imagine having 1.2M followers on YouTube with JUST 7 videos! That’s Abhishek for you! His ‘Trash Jokes’ and ‘Ghatiya Comedy’ are a real hit with the peeps!

You simply have to check out his video on desi abuses and how they get louder with every round! ROFL!

Bonus – he is back after a long hiatus and is slated to go on a global tour!

5 – Jaspreet Singh

YouTube Handle –  youtube.com/channel/UCmQCEVKEYpKxG8NwXnfIbCw




He is one of the very few Sardars on the comedy circuit, but oh he is sooooooo good! His conversations with his wife and dad are a real hit!

What is more endearing is his delivery style – he seems like a best friend giving you relationship advice!

6 – Vikramjit Singh

YouTube Handle –  youtube.com/channel/UCdkQqkYfBF44lIg0_yjcHCQ




Another Sardar, who does it in English! Comedy, we mean, LOL! If you search ‘Sardar Comedy’ on YouTube, he pops up as the first result – that is how ‘Sardar’ he really is! But mind you, he does not like you making nonsensical Sardar jokes; check out his video on that. Please!

He is one individual who should have become a preacher simply because he gives life lessons on how not to treat the Punjabi folk. Moreover, his delivery is so composed, he seems really poetic!

7 – Gaurav Gupta

YouTube Handle – youtube.com/channel/UCkv2ml-PB1ZKPGfR7XowRSA




Yes! He is Gaurav Gupta and he is a ‘Baniyaaaa’ – The ultimate breakout Baniya that is! From making Baniya Jokes to giving business advice – he is the complete package on how to learn to make jokes oneself. Give him a watch!

Let’s give them more likes, subs and lots of love, please?

These guys deserve more accolades for their writing and most importantly for enhancing India’s comedy scene with more variety of Indian culture ‘comedy-fied’.

They are breaking barriers by bridging the divide between Canvas Laugh Club stints and paid standup sessions to becoming hot favorites for WhatsApp forwards nationwide!

Please post your views on who you like best among the 7 jokers mentioned above and we’ll follow up with more articles on India’s budding comics.


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