OMG-level World Record holders from India!

A list of world record holders from India who have broken or created some really bizarre yet interesting records in various fields.

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India is a not just a land of physical wonders like the Taj Mahal and the Ganges, but the people of our country are also second to none!

Here is a list of world record holders from India who have broken or created some really bizarre yet interesting records in various fields:

World’s largest condom mosaic

Naukri Nama

The city of Lucknow, India, holds the unique record for displaying the world’s largest-ever condom-made mosaic which included a humongous 4,418 condom packs! The record is held by HLFPPT, INDEX, UPSACS and IIM Lucknow.

Longest solo dance marathon

The longest dance marathon by an individual was 123 hours and 15 minutes and was achieved by Kalamandalam Hemaletha at the Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy in Thrissur, Kerala from 20 to 26 September 2010. Hemaletha danced the Mohiniyattam dance for her record attempt.

World’s longest mustache

58-year old Jaipur resident Ram Singh Chauhan holds the title of having the world’s largest mustache which is 14 feet long! Chauhan has been growing his mustache for over 32 years!

World’s shortest woman

Jyoti Amge (born 16 December 1993) is an Indian woman notable for being the world’s smallest living woman according to Guinness World Records at just 61.95 centimeters (2 feet). She has earlier also held the Guinness World Record for being the tiniest teenager alive.

Most number of Mahatma Gandhi’s at one place!

Approximately 484 kids from a charity for single mothers and kids called the Training Resource and Care for Kids, walked as part of a peace march to win the record for the largest gathering dressed as the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi.

Most numbers of self-portraits clicked together

Yup! Indians are selfie-obsessed because the Federal Institute of Science and Technology’s students and staff hold the record for taking the largest number of selfies at approximately 1, 000 frames in a minute at their college campus in Angamaly, Kochi.

World’s biggest chapati

The largest chapati is 145 kg (319 lb 10 oz) and was made by Dagdu Seth Ganpati Sarvajanik Mahotsav (India), in Jamnagar, India on 22 September 2012. The chapati was made on a metal plate measuring 3 m by 3 m (10 ft by 10 ft).

World’s largest biryani

The largest biryani dish weighed 14.060 tonnes (30,996 lb) and was prepared by Kohinoor Foods Ltd. (India) in Delhi, India, on 1 March 2008. A total of 60 chefs made the dish which used 12,000 kg rice and vegetables!

World’s longest and heaviest turban

60-year-old Avtar Singh Mauni from Patiala, Punjab holds the record for the longest turban in the world which weighs 100 pounds and stretches over 645 meters! It takes him nearly six hours every day to drape it on his head and it contains various Sikh weapons and religious symbols like the kirpan, kanda, and other ornamentation.

Farthest distance limbo skating under cars

Kindergarten student Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande limbo-skated under 27 cars, covering a whopping distance of 48.2 meters (158ft 2in) in Kolhapur.

Most expensive wedding

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Nivas Mittal’s daughter Vanisha Mittal’s wedding holds the record for being the most expensive wedding ever which cost a whopping USD 60 million!

Most hugs given in an hour

Jayasimha Ravirala holds the record for the maximum number of hugs given by hugging 2,436 people in Tekkali, Andhra Pradesh in an hour! He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world (13 records) which are Longest color sequence memorized, most weekdays identified from dates in one minute, most birth dates memorized, etc.

Longest Speech Marathon – Vickrant Mahajan

The longest speech marathon is 75 hours 32 minutes and was achieved by Ashwin Sudani (India) in Gujarat, India, from 16- 19 June 2016. Ashwin completed 75 different speeches on a variety of topics to set this record.

Record of most songs ever written!

Lyricist Sameer holds the record for most songs written in different languages – 4000 songs in nearly 650 films in his 30 years of film journey!

Fastest time to tie a Windsor tie-knot

The record for the fastest time to a tie a Windsor knot is 12.89 seconds, achieved by Deepak Sharma in Nagpur, India, on 15 October 2017. He is also known as the ‘Tie-man’ for his other record of having the most number of ties at over 3,500!

Youngest Tabla Performer

The youngest tabla performer in the world is Truptraj Atul Pandya (b. 23 Oct 2006), who performed live on All India Radio on 28 October 2009, at the age of 3 years 5 days!

Fastest to type a sentence with the nose

The fastest time to type a prescribed 103 character text on a keyboard using the nose is 40.19 seconds, achieved by Davinder Singh (India), in New Delhi, India on 20 August 2017.

Davinder had to type the following sentence in order to set this record: Guinness world records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time.

Fastest to type the English alphabet with the nose

The fastest time to type the alphabet is 3.37 seconds, achieved by SK Ashraf (India) in Telangana, India, on 10 October 2017.

Largest Indian cinematic dance lesson

The largest Bollywood dance lesson involved 4,276 participants and was achieved by employees of Capgemini at a corporate event held in Bangalore, India, on 22 January 2016. The lesson lasted over half an hour and included a dance routine.

Largest margarine sculpture

Chef Devwrat Anand Jategaonkar holds the record for building the largest margarine sculpture by creating a replica of the Trimurti of Elephanta which weighed a staggering 1506.800 kg (3321.925 lbs) and measured 8 ft 2 in long, 3 ft 8 in wide and 6 ft 1 in tall. The finished artwork was displayed at the Santacruz Airport’s Domestic Terminal.

Most flags tattooed on the human body

The most flags tattooed on the body is 366 and was achieved by Guinness Rishi between July 2009 and July 2011. Guinness Rishi already held this title which was achieved in May 2010. The latest additional 61 flags were tattooed on his body by ‘Team KDZ Tattoos Body Work’ at Delhi, India, and took a total time of 3 hours, 3 minutes to complete.

Longest fingernails on a single hand – ever

The longest fingernails on a single hand – ever measure an aggregate length of 909.6 cm (358.1 in) and were achieved by Shridhar Chillal on his left hand as measured in Pune city, Maharashtra, India, on 17 November 2014.

The nails are on Shridhar Chillal’s left hand and have individual measurements of:

  • Little finger:1 cm
  • Ring finger:6 cm
  • Middle finger: 186.6 cm
  • Index finger: 164.5 cm

Thumb: 197.8 cm


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