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India joins the elite group of nations in the world to become 4th nation to become a Space Superpower through successful ‘Mission Shakti’. India shot down a Low Earth Orbit(LEO) live-satellite within 3 minutes. 

The Elite Group 

India, after the US, Russia and China become the 4th Nation in the world to have successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon. Prime Minister Modi, in a delayed address to the nation, stated that he is proud of the accomplishment of scientists at DRDO. 

“In the journey of every nation there are moments that bring utmost pride and have a historic impact on generations to come. One such moment is today. India has successfully tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of .  ” – tweeted Modi

Why this achievement is comparable to Pokhran Nuclear Test?

It is perhaps India’s biggest achievement in defense space after India successfully became a nuclear power back in 1998 which also had ‘Shakti’ in its name as it was called Operation Shakti.

Perhaps this might be the reason why this mission was called ‘Mission Shakti’ because out of 195 countries of the world, India is the fourth nation to achieve such a status. 

One more important fact that India should be proud of its Scientists and staff of DRDO is that the whole project was indigenous in nature.

While the achievement is big in itself, the timing of this mission is bigger.

It took only 3 minutes for India’s Anti-satellite weapon(ASAT) to destroy its target. 

Tests and New Technology for peace, not war

While tensions between India and Pakistan are not new, the world community always fears defense projects. PM Narendra Modi in his speech stated that these tests are not targeted towards any particular country and are meant for peace, not war. He also said this mission is aimed to accelerate India’s space and satellite programs. 

Modi also emphasized that this mission did not violate any international norms and treaties. 

Politics and Confusion

While there was a slight delay in his address to the nation, people started speculating about the possible announcement. Some thought that there could be an Ace before elections, just like ‘Demonetisation’.

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Meanwhile, when Lok Sabha Elections are not far and the Model Code of Conduct is in place, some people are questioning the timing of this announcement. 

 While Congress tried to take some credit itself 


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