The most lip-smacking street foods of India!

Let’s take you on a trip across India based on its most iconic street foods! If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out on delectable food!

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Who doesn’t like street food? Hot, ready-to-eat food always makes you fall in love with the wonder of food all over again! Although street food is a major concern in terms of cleanliness and quality, we Indians hardly care – we want the yummy stuff! In almost every nook and corner of any Indian city’s street, you can find hawkers and vendors selling something delectable to munch on! Here, we curate the most famous Indian street foods to make you get some right now!

Panipuri/ Puchka/ Golgappe 

These fried and hollow Maida puris are probably the most popular street food of India! They are known in Mumbai as Panipuri, Puchka in West Bengal and Golgappe in most of North India. They are served with tangy-minty water and are stuffed with either chick-peas or potato and are a perfect meal to have with your friends. Bollywood movies like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and Queen have really cute scenes depicting these mouthwatering feasts!



Who doesn’t love these spicy yet delectable dumplings loaded with assorted veggies or chicken and meat? Though they are native to Tibet and Nepal, they are now ‘Indian’ too since us Indians just can’t resist them! This roadside snack is served either steamed or fried and with a really tangy-spicy red sauce, that will definitely make you go for another serving!


Vada Pav

This dish is the staple diet of millions of Mumbaikars! A simple aloo (potato) and corn patties served in between two soft buns is what drives the population of Mumbai! Have it right now!

Chaat/ Tikki

Served with a saunth (ginger and jaggery infused chutney), this potato pattice is a complete meal in itself! Can you believe that this tangy street food originated from Shah Jahan’s kitchen? Yes! The Mughals did love their sweets and sours! In Mumbai, they are served with white chickpea dal and are called as Ragda Patties and topped-off with sev (corn savories).

Chow Mein

 We love our Chinese food, don’t we? There is no one in India who hasn’t tried street corner Chow Mein! We have ‘Indianized’ these stir-fried ramen noodles, by adding-in locally available ingredients to it and making it the most favored take-out food there is!

Poha Jalebi

 Yeah it may sound weird to mix two different dishes into one, but you gotta try it once! Poha is just flattened rice and jalebi is a sweet-savory that is drenched in sugar syrup, but when these two intertwine, you get Madhya Pradesh’s most-loved street food! It is sweet, salty, sometimes sour, but boy is it yummy!


 A lovely non-vegetarian soup that is the best medicine to beat a cold! It is really spicy (yeah, it can even set your ass on fire), and combines noodles and veggies into a liquid stew, but this Tibetan/Ladakhi dish will make you forget the regular Tomato or Mushroom soup for sure! Try it once, please!

Mirchi Bajji

 The simplest dish to make! Hyderabad’s Mirchi ‘bajji’ are nothing but stuffed green chili fritters enveloped in cornmeal batter and deep-fried to a crisp! They are similar to the various pakodas found in Northern India, but the addition of Hyderabadi chilies makes them more desirable!

Idli Sambhar

 Chennai is famous for this complete meal! It has all the essential nutrients of a balanced diet and tastes really good! The tangy tamarind sambhar sauce and pigeon-pea cakes are one meal you can always have!


 Another South-Indian wonder! Served with sambhar sauce and sometimes with medu vadas, these are huge flattened cakes which are stuffed with potato stuffing and are big enough to keep your tummy full for hours!


 Bikaneri kachori is famous for being the local breakfast of Rajasthan! Served with a chhola/chana dal and puris, this meal is the perfect meal to be had any time of the day! It is sometimes served with mirchi bada which are similar to Hyderabadi bajjis.



The most popular food of the Kutch region in Gujarat! Similar to Mumbai’s vada pao, it is served with boiled potatoes cooked in special dabeli spices and served between pav (soft bread).

Akki roti

 A simple bread from rice flour is made similar to the dosa of Chennai and served with coconut chutney. It is Bangalore’s most famous tiffin snack and is really easy to make!

Egg Rolls

 Most popular street food of Kolkata apart from Mutton Chop. A fried egg wrapped in a parantha and served with tangy chutney is a lovely delight to gorge on!

Litti Chokha

 A really popular dish in Bihar and Jharkand that is similar to Daal Baati Choorma of Rajasthan. It is made with sattu (ground gram nut) and is cooked with pure desi ghee and has a potato-brinjal stuffing.

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Chole Bhature 

 A Punjabi dish that every North-Indian loves! It is served as a dish comprising of Maida pooris and a chola (brown gram) soup. A perfect snack to treat your friends too!

Paya Soup

 Bhopal’s most famous lamb trotter’s soup that can help you have a simple meal at a really low price! Head to the city’s Chatori Gali and order one for yourself today!

Kachori/Dahi Vada/Dahi Bhalley

 This dish is known differently in different parts of India, but it is a foodie’s delight for sure! In Rajasthan, it is served as a stuffed kachori with curd, in Punjab, it is stuffed as white dal vadas and in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, it is known as Dahi bhalley! Have some, will you?

Tunde Kabab

These succulent, melt-in-the-mouth kebabs are a must-try! They were created by Haji Murad Ali for a toothless Wajid Ali Shah the Mughal royal. Now, this kebab is itself the ruler of Awadhi cuisine!

Bombil Fry

A really popular Goan-inspired seafood dish that is made from a coastal white-fleshed fish. You gotta try the Bombil or Bombala fish made this way for sure!

We hope all you foodies out there loved this post! Tell us about more Indian street foods you love in the comment section below!

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