Making Your Gym Sessions less Boring and More Fun!

Tips and tricks to help you make your gym sessions and more engaging and fun!

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“I’m addicted to exercising and I have to do something every day.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Going to the gym is supposed to be a ‘happy’ experience where you achieve something new every day and feel good about yourself. However, if you start considering gym as a ‘homework’, chances are that you will start dreading it due to feeling left out at the gym or excessive exhaustion due to wrong technique.

A gym is a place where everyone is engrossed in exercising and building their bodies trying to achieve levels of optimum fitness. If you look around your gym, you will notice that you are probably alone in a vast sea of fitness enthusiasts. If you start feeling that your workout sessions are monotonous, repetitive and seem to never end you can try some tweaks to make your gymming experience fun!

Here are some proven tactics that can help you to make your workout sessions less boring and more fun altogether:

  • Make Your Favorite Playlist

Music is the best companion for every gym-goer. From lifting weights, power-walking, running, or even relaxing can be a more enjoyable experience if you pair it with the right kind of music!

Not only does music enhance coordination, it also helps you reinforce your technique to certain kinds of musical beats and tones! For power workouts, songs with a higher tempo or beats per minute (BPM) can work best to build your agility and tolerance.

  • Bring along a gym buddy

“My definition of a sport is that it’s a physical activity that involves competition. Since bodybuilders certainly train and then compete, we are certainly a sport.”

Hitting the gym alone can sometimes be boring or stressful. Partnering with a good friend or spouse can help you enjoy your workouts more. They can also help you stick to your exercise plan, in case you decide to go easy on it someday.

They can also offer some friendly competition to you so that you motivate yourself to achieve higher workout goals.

  • Join other available classes at the gym

Many gyms offer classes like kickboxing, Zumba, Salsa dance, Hula Hoop, CrossFit, etc. that can help you try out different techniques that can help you tone and shape your body differently.

Group training can also help cut down on anxiety and build a social circle that you can interact with and go to the gym along with. You can also try tai-chi or yoga to relax from time-to-time.


“The single biggest mistake that most beginners make is putting 100% of their effort into the positive (concentric) part of the rep, while paying no attention to the negative (eccentric) segment.” – Dorian Yates


  • Social media experience

Posting your workout experience on social media in the form of pics and stats, and sharing it with online gym buddies helps you get an evaluation on your progress. Since humans are social creatures, social media can help you de-stress and motivate yourself even further.

  • Exergaming

Many new gyms are offering exergaming sessions which help you exercise with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality video games. These games award points and provide newer levels to a person who keeps attaining new goals in body fitness as they keep progressing within the game.


  • Tweak your exercise plan

If your current plan is taking too long to complete, split it into two or more sessions. Studies show that short workouts build more strength due to a higher intensity.




“One of the greatest experiences in life is achieving personal goals that others said would be, ‘impossible to attain.’ Be proud of your success and share your story with others.” -Robert Cheeke



  • Strive for the competitive edge

Challenge yourself more with higher reps and longer sessions if you feel energetic enough. The adrenaline boost will help you build more stamina and better-shaped musculature.


  • Try newer exercises

Learn newer exercises apart from lifting barbells and running cardio. New exercises like climbing ropes, kettlebell high pulls, plyometric deadlifts, etc. can build muscle strength faster, stimulate your mental strength and can also help you assess your stamina in newer ways.


  • Personal rewards

A nice way to motivate you towards speedier results is to set rewards for yourself that you like. Once you reach a stipulated goal, you reward yourself with that promised gift. Remember not to over exercise just for the heck of getting the reward.


  • Multi-task

Mix it up a little bit by trying to do challenges in one go. For example, try clapping your hands while doing rapid push-ups or chin-ups. Doing so will help build cognitive function and also make your exercise a lot more fun!

We hope that these tricks will help you amp-up your workout routines and make them seem less boring.

By incorporating them into your workout schedules, you will not only feel more respectful towards achieving fitness but also discover that regular exercise is a really neat way to rediscover yourself and your body.


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