International Democracy Day 2020: About, Celebration, Wishes

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International Day of Democracy 2020 will be celebrated on September 15. The United Nations started observing this day in 2007 as an annual observation. The aim behind is advancing and maintaining the standards of democracy. It welcomes all member states and associations to observe the day that adds to raise awareness.

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The UN General Assembly settled on November 8, 2007, to make September 15 as the yearly date for International Day of Democracy. The assembly welcomed individuals and associations, both government and non-government, to recognize this day.

Likewise, it required all governments to fortify their public projects for promoting and combining democracy. The assembly supported provincial and other intergovernmental associations to share their experiences in advancing democracy.

The International Day of Democracy was first celebrated in 2008. The UN general gathering perceived that the year 2008 denoted the 20th commemoration of the principal International Conference of New or Restored Democracies. It allowed individuals to concentrate on promoting and merging democracy around the world.


Numerous individuals and associations around the world, including government offices and non-government associations, conduct different activities.  They promote democracy on the International Day of Democracy. Events such as discussions, meetings and public interviews including featured experts take place. Thus, the individuals who are pioneers or teachers intensely associate in supporting and underwriting democratic governments.

Leaflets, banners and pamphlets are put in colleges, and other public areas. Individuals can study how democracy is connected with variables, such as freedom of expression and a lenient culture. Associations, like the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), carry out exercises like public opinion studies about democracy and political resilience.

Also, there has been a campaign, known as the Global Democracy Day Initiative. It includes a request being made to the UN and heads of states to authoritatively embrace October 18 as Global Democracy Day to help International Day of Democracy.

Measures amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency has brought about significant social, political and legitimate difficulties worldwide. The states all over the world embrace crisis measures to address the emergency.

Therefore, it is important that they keep on maintaining the standard of law. Also, ensure and regard worldwide guidelines and fundamental standards of legality. They have the option to get equity, treatment and fair process.

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has urged governments to be transparent, responsive and accountable in their COVID-19 response. Hence, he has mentioned the concerns as follows:

  • Measures to control the flow of information and crackdown on freedom of expression and press freedom against an existing background of shrinking civic space.
  • Arrest, detention, prosecution or persecution of political opponents, journalists, doctors and healthcare workers, activists and others for allegedly spreading “fake news”.
  • Aggressive cyber-policing and increased online surveillance.
  • Postponement of elections is raising serious constitutional issues in some cases and may lead to rising tensions.
Democracy of India

Democracy in India, as somewhere else, isn’t just about occasional decisions, nor about voter turnouts, nor about oratory. The focal target of democracy is to empower each individual to have a state in choosing the more prominent aggregate social worth.

India is a parliamentary Secular just republic in which the President of India is the head of state and the Prime Minister of India is the head of government. Hence, it depends on the bureaucratic structure of government despite the fact that the word isn’t utilized in the constitution itself.

Therefore democracy, such as numerous other significant ideas like autonomy, communism, secularism, constitutionalism, correspondence and progression has been pushed onto the Indian masses by the edified elites. However, the democracy of India may seem to be a little ruined these days for various reasons around.

  • If you live in a democratic society, you should consider yourself absolutely privileged. Happy Democracy Day 2020!
  • A functioning democracy is the most important asset of a nation since it is all that society needs to live in prosperity.
  • Happy are those who choose the path of democracy. Wish you a wonderful day of Democracy!
  • If you want to know the importance of democracy, spend some time in a country that lacks one. Only then would you truly appreciate the real value of democracy.
  • My eyes see democracy as nothing but a precious gift. Happy International Day of Democracy!
  • Democracy gives the mighty power of the government to the people. Hence, this is why in democracies governments are afraid of the people.
  • My beloved democracy, I embrace you with all my might because thou art beautiful.
  • Peace, prosperity and freedom are the blessings of every democracy. Happy International Democracy Day 2020!
  • Democracy gives everyone a fair opportunity to be whoever they want to be in life.
  • Having looked at the countless advantages of democracy, I am more than sure it is the only form of governance practiced in paradise.

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