Hindi Day 2020: Does Hindi gets regard of National language?

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Hindi Day is a yearly observation on September 14. It is to commend the reception of Hindi language as the national launguage of India. Hindi is regularly alluded to as ‘language of solidarity’ in the country and has a ton of significance in our way of life. Thus, Hindi Diwas is commended generally the nation over.

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Hindi Diwas is praised on the 14th of September, to honor the selection of Hindi in Devanagari content as one of the official language of India. Hindi was embraced as one of the two official dialects of the Republic of India. The Constituent Assembly of India therefore chose it on account of the endeavors of Beohar Rajendra Simha alongside Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupt and Seth Govind Das.

Accordingly, on the 50th birthday celebration of Beohar Rajendra Simha on the 14th of September 1949, the endeavors happened as expected after the appropriation of Hindi as an official language. The Constitution of India sanctioned this choice that happened on the 26th of January 1950.

Under Article 343 of the Indian Constitution, Hindi written in Devanagari content was embraced as the official language. Altogether, there are 22 Scheduled dialects of India, of which, two are formally utilized at Union level: Hindi and English. More than 322 million L1 speakers and 270 million L2 speakers speak Hindi and related launguages.

Status of Hindi in India 

India is where numerous dialects are spoken and Hindi is spoken in pretty much all aspects of the nation.

There are numerous individuals who regard this language, anyway according to certain individuals those who communicate in Hindi rather than English are ignorant. They believe monitoring English is the indication of an exceptionally taught, mannered individual. Hence, the people who don’t communicate in English are mannerless and uneducated individuals.

Also, similar individuals talk about significance of Hindi via web-based media stages.

Though Hindi is the national language, it hasn’t achieved the position as other countries provide to their national language. There are states in the country those still use mother tongue more than Hindi as official language.


  • Let us add more purpose to this day by promising ourselves to always stand for the honour of our mother tongue. Happy Hindi Diwas to all of you my friends!
  • In this country full of diversities, one thing that plays a great part in uniting us is our most beloved Hindi mother tongue. Many many wishes for Hindi Day 2020!
  • Hindi is truly one of the most comfortable languages. It helps us to express our feelings in the most perfect way. Happy Hindi Diwas to all!
  • Unity is the strength of the country, we need Hindi’s strength, Happy Hindi Day to all of you my friends.
  • Hindi is the soul of Indian culture. Let the pride of the language spread far and wide. Wishing you a very Happy Hindi Diwas!
  • The Hindustan Shan Hindi, identify Hindi is every Indian’s unique tradition of unity Hindi, every heart’s desire Hindi, Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • Hindi is not just a language of any one state but is the most spoken language of the country. Happy Hindi Diwas to all.
  • Celebrate the beautiful Hindi literature every day! Wishes for Hindi Diwas 2020!!
  • Hindi and Hindustan are ours and we are proud of it. Our heart is one and ours are our lives, heartiest greetings of Hindi Day 2020!
  • No language can be better than Hindi. Therefore, respect and follow the Hindi language as it our national glory.

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