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The General Assembly of the United Nations declared 3rd May as World Press Freedom Day. This day is observed in regard to the press, media, and journalists. Therefore, we provide tributes to the press persons on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2020 amidst COVID-19.

This year in the COVID-19 outbreak, the press stands high as one of the three pillars of the world. Journalism is still at work along with police and medical workers. Therefore, on World Press Freedom Day 2020, we pay utmost respect to those media persons who tested positive while doing their job of keeping the public updated.

World Press Freedom Day | Tribute to COVID-19 journalists | VoxyTalksy

Why is it celebrated?

  1. To praise the fundamental standards of press opportunity.
  2. To assess press opportunities around the globe.
  3. To protect the media from assaults on their autonomy.
  4. To pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the activity of their job.

How is it celebrated?

UNESCO observes World Press Freedom Day together with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Free University of Brussels, and numerous different accomplices on 3rd May every year. It organizes a Global Conference since 1993.

The Global Conference gives a chance to columnists, civil society delegates, national specialists, scholars and the open public to interact on rising difficulties to press freedom and journalists’ security and to cooperate on recognizing solutions.

World Press Freedom Conference 2020 will have a devoted Youth Newsroom allowing young columnists or journalists to provide details regarding the World Press Freedom Conference and improve their news-casting abilities.

What is the theme in 2020?

The theme of Press Freedom Day in the year 2020 is, “Journalism Without Fear Or Favor”. It is a kind of universal campaign started by the UNESCO for media and social media channels.

It goals at the security of male and female journalists and other media personnel. Also, it aims that independent and professional journalism should be free of political and commercial manipulation. There should not be any gender discrimination in any of the aspects of media.

                                             ~Wishes & Messages~
  • Don’t let anyone silence the voice of the society and the people. Stand together and let the press be free on this day. I wish you a very happy Press Freedom Day!
  • Many journalists and press people risk their lives daily to save the world by uncovering hard truths. Support them on this day. Happy World Press Freedom Day!
  • The pen is the mightiest sword. Speak out loud and stand up together against social issues. Best wishes to you on this occasion of freedom of the world press.
  • Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it. Happy World Press Day!!
  • On this occasion of World Press Freedom Day, we must all remember that freedom of the press is not an end in itself but a means to achieve a free society. Happy World Press Freedom Day!
  • A free press is a vital need for a free society, free debate, and free ideas. World Press Freedom Day!
  • Freedom of Press is a precious privilege that no country can afford to let go of. Happy Press Day!
  • On the occasion of Press Freedom day, respect and honor all the brave and strong journalists who risk their lives for the well being of the society on this day. Let’s pray for the COVID-19 journalists!
  • Silence can kill democracy and destroy society. Only a free press can speak up and save them. World Press Day!
  • We must let the journalists and reporters speak and speak immediately to ensure a safe and happy society. Hence, best wishes to you on this occasion of Press Freedom Day.

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