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Few more wardrobe essentials of women's clothing like denim shorts,black turtle neck etc which will make you stand out from the crowd.

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In the previous article, we discussed some wardrobe essentials which every college girl must own so that you can layer and style them in different ways and look good each time. With this article, I’m back with a few more wardrobe essentials like denim shorts, black turtle neck etc which will make you stand out from the crowd and grab all the eyeballs without spending the extra thousand bucks. I have made the below-mentioned list keeping in mind the fact that most college students are on a very strict budget and have little or no time to invest in getting ready every day. These essentials will honestly change your life for good.

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1. Black Turtle neck

Personally, a black turtle neck is my favourite piece of clothing. It is the easiest way to add that chic look to an outfit. You can simply pair it up with a set of boyfriend jeans or flared pants and top it with a few accessories and make it seem like you walked an extra mile to dress up. If you have a few dresses and bralettes which are a bit revealing and make you feel uncomfortable, Voila! Pair them up with a black turtle neck. It amps up the entire look and is the easiest way to look drop-dead gorgeous. There is absolutely nothing which you can’t pair with this god-send piece of clothing. Another reason to buy it is that it goes well with all body types and because it’s black it will make you look slimmer anyway.

Wardrobe Essentials like denim shorts, black turtle neck etc that Every College Girl Must Own! Part 2|voxytalksy

2. Denim Shorts

I am a college student which simply means that I never sleep on time. Either assignments or movie-nights keep me up until it’s too late to have a good 8-hour sleep. More often than not, I am left with little or no time to have breakfast let alone getting ready. That is when my best friend aka denim shorts come to the rescue. It is the most comfortable clothing item and requires a minimum amount of effort. Wear any T-shirt and just slide into your denim shorts and you will be good to go for a casual day out. Wear them with shirts and a red lip to show that you put in an effort when you, in reality, got ready in under 10 mins. In case your college doesn’t allow shorts, you could always wear them on your day out with friends and family and show off your sexier side.

Wardrobe Essentials like denim shorts, black turtle neck etc that Every College Girl Must Own! Part 2|voxytalksy

3. White Shirt

Whoever said white shirts can only be formal and boring surely did not understand fashion. I have personally worn a white shirt a greater number of times as a casual outfit than a formal one. Dresses over the shirt, Knotted shirt with jeans, loose crisp white shirt with a belt as a dress, with skirts and track pants and under a crop top and bralette – the possibilities are endless. In case you don’t have a white shirt and don’t feel like buying it, you can easily raid your father/brother/boyfriend/guy friend’s wardrobe because oversized is the ongoing trend. Fold the sleeves, put on some makeup and accessorize and you will look like you just walked out of a high-end store. Hair can be made into a messy bun or left loose. If you are feeling a bit experimental, pair it up with a cute hat or bandana.

Wardrobe Essentials like denim shorts, black turtle neck etc that Every College Girl Must Own! Part 2|voxytalksy

4. Tank tops

The bottom equivalent to denim shorts, tank tops are breezy and cool. They are so comfortable and extremely versatile. You can wear a tank top with anything which you already own. Be it tracks, denims or skirts – tanks can be styled with all of them. The best part is that they are extremely cheap and can be easily DIYed at home. You can grab any old T-shirt of yours or your brothers, if you like oversized, and cut the sleeves and there you have it – A made at home tank top! Yes, it’s that easy. They can be knotted, layered, dressed up and down depending upon the occasion. Tank tops and shorts make for the perfect summer outfit for college. If you have strict clothing guidelines in college, top it up with a beautiful shrug or a denim jacket.

Wardrobe essentials

5. Fanny packs/Bum bags

Fanny packs are my current obsession. Ever since they made a comeback after being a rage in the 90s, they are seen anywhere and everywhere. They are available in all sizes, shapes and colours and that is yet not the best part. I cannot stress enough on the fact that they are so comfortable that you feel like you are not carrying any bag. They have a snug fit and can easily incorporate all your necessities. I have honestly stopped carrying a wallet, ever since I bought a fanny pack. They are great if you have to go to crowded places and will also keep your hands free. I would suggest you to buy them online because you will get them for a much cheaper price. Apart from the utility point of view, they have the ability to spice up your outfit by adding a pop of colour to it.

This brings me to the end of this article and this wardrobe-essentials series. I assure you that each and every item in this article has been tried and tested by me before. These are some simple yet cost-effective ways with which I make sure I look presentable wherever I go. If not all, try to add some of these to your wardrobe and you will notice the difference yourself.



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