10 of YouTube’s most informative desi channels you’ll love to follow!

Voxytalksy presents a list of the most informative and fact loaded desi YouTube channels you can learn a lot from.

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Nowadays, YouTube channels are a-dime-a-dozen, and frankly speaking most of the channels are absolute nonsense! From reaction videos, senseless vines and unfunny content, very few channels out there are meaningful and subscribe-worthy.

However, here is Voxytalksy to your rescue again! We have scoured through the hordes of YouTube channels there are and are proud to bring you 10 such channels that are really informative and are pure desi in nature.

Not only are these channels full of relevant content, but they also don’t beat around the bush! They are an excellent learning option for someone who wants to learn something new each day on highly varied topics.

So, without much delay, here are YouTube’s 10 highly informative ‘desi’ channels you definitely should check out:

1)    SidTalk



A really informative channel which is basically a mixture of TedX and How It’s Made. With close to 2 million followers, Siddhant Jain explains a lot of topics in detail with clear examples and real-world scenarios. What is most interesting is the level of research he puts into his videos – any questions you have will be covered in his analysis!

As an added bonus, he also gives out free Paytm cash to his viewers for watching his videos. Free money, yay!

2)   Knowledge Knorr



No, the channel host Amit doesn’t talk about Knorr soups!

This guy covers the ins and outs of Indian Railways. From explaining how Indian trains work and what each railway component does in our rail system – this guy is walking encyclopedia on Indian trains!

His channel is slowly becoming popular amongst the train enthusiasts of India simply because he covers things we mostly overlook during our train journeys and inspires us to look at those things in detail the next time we travel via a train.

3)   Farming Leader



If anyone reading this is interested in knowing about the lifestyle of farmers in India, how advanced they have become and what techniques they use, follow this channel! This channel enunciates newer techniques in farming, cattle care and also educates us on the usage of renewable resources.

As a plus, he also educates farmers via his videos on how to undertake organic farming and rearing of cattle in hygienic ways. Even if you don’t want to become a farmer, this channel will help you learn a lot about Indian agriculture and how it works around the year.

4)    TTI Hindi



A compilation king of sorts, this channel posts compilation videos similar to listicles we post on Voxytalksy, but in video format.

Not only are the videos very engaging, but they are also high in variety and facts. You would love to keep watching one video after another from this channel.

5)   Geekyranjit



He reviews any tech gadget he can lay his hands upon – mobiles, laptops, cameras, TVs, sound systems – anything!

What is more interesting about this channel is that apart from gadget reviews (everyone does them), he also compares the product to its predecessor. This way, you get to know exactly how better a product is compared to its previous version. This is something that makes this channel more unique.

6)   ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs



The go-to channel for every kid in India! This brand that started with very few resources in Chennai has now taken the world by storm! With over 20 million subscribers this is the 43rd most subscribed YouTube channel in the world!

If you want your child to learn nursery rhymes, follow and speak words, and develop an interest in learning – this is the channel to subscribe!

7)   Wifistudy



A perfect channel to visit when you want to surf YouTube and learn about competitive exams at the same time!

This channel live-streams fresh sessions every few hours to cater to various competitive exam syllabi and answers live questions as well! What more do you need to prepare for an Indian competitive exam?

8)   Mountain Trekker



A pure nomad! This government employee saves his money and periodically takes off to a new country every few months.

What is special about his videos is that his vlogs are highly informative and gives really close up views of locations you might miss seeing. Sometimes he gives more information as compared to the Indian embassy or local guide!

9)   Master Sailesh



He’ll be your ‘Shifu’ in Hindi! He teaches martial arts and martial combat tactics in simple Hindi so that you can practice these arts right from your home. Neat, isn’t it?

Now, you can practice being a black belt at your own pace right from your living room!

10) Ayurveda India



When it comes to taking care of your health in the most natural way, Ayurveda is the answer. Ayurveda has been effective for ages and it still works miracles for most common ailments for which we generally resort to pharmaceuticals.

This channel gives various tips, tricks and Ayurvedic concoctions on how to keep fit and healthy the Ayurveda way. Do check it out!

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