“Stay Home Save Lives”-urges Google Doodle, shares tips for safety from COVID-19

Google featured another Doodle today related to COVID-19 that said Stay Home Save Lives: Help Stop Coronavirus and shared tips to stop Corona outbreak.

Stay Home Save Lives- urges Google Doodle to stop COVID-19 spread and shares tips to stop coronavirus spread-voxytalksy
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Google today, as earlier, shared a highly creative Doodle with us today. It is a gif image that features beautiful animation impelling people to stay inside their homes in order to combat COVID-19(coronavirus) spread and feature tips about what to do during their stay home. When you hover on the Doodle, it says ‘Stay Home Save Lives: Help Stop Coronavirus ‘.

What do the different letters signify in Doodle?

The theme of this Google Doodle is pushing people to stay home, in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Let’s look at the possible thought behind the creatives used in the Doodle:

  • G– Letter ‘G’ shows people should use this lockdown time to read books.
  • OO One ‘o’ is seen dancing while other ‘O’ playing a stringed instrument, probably a guitar. 
  • G– It is seen in communication with ‘E’ through cellular phone.
  • L– This letter is shown working out with dumbles. Signifying one should look at it as an opportunity to exercise and build themselves.
  • E– The last letter of Google is in romantic communication with third letter ‘G’. This could mean two things, one, relationships should go ahead on phone only and dating shall be avoided, other, it is an opportunity to give your partner quality time via cell phone.

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This is something that we could infer from the Doodle. What is your take on the letters, let us know below!

What happens when you click on the Doodle? 

If you are in India, a new page opens that shows an animation of palm with these 5 tips to combat coronavirus:

  1. Stay home
  2. Keep a safe distance
  3. Wash hands often
  4. Cover your cough
  5. Sick? Call the helpline

If you click on More Info you are directed to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India website.

The page also contains the latest statistics related to COVID-19. These stats are sourced from the WHO directly.

Like Google, we also urge you all to follow this Google Doodle and Stay Home, Save Lives.

If you feel anxious, bored or have any other negatives in your mind, feel free to contact us. We assure you we are here for you! Don’t feel alone!


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