International Day Of Seafarer 2020: About, Celebration, Facts

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International Day Of Seafarer 2020 is being observed on 25 June. In 2010, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), chose this day to observe. It is an approach to perceive that nearly everything that we use in our daily lives has been influenced by ocean transport.

The motivation behind the day is to express gratefulness to sailors for their commitment to the world economy and the common society. Also, for the dangers and individual costs they bear while on their occupations.

International Day Of Seafarers 2020


IMO’s appraisals indicate that ships transport nearly 90% of the world’s merchandise exchange. Seafarers are answerable for the tasks of such ships. On the other hand, are liable for the protected and easy delivery of the cargo.

The day recognizes the important work of the seafarers. They also face the issues influencing their work and lives, like, robbery. It approaches governments to create strategies that lead to reasonable treatment of seafarers at ports. The day asks private ship organizations and proprietors to give their workers legitimate offices and facilities while they are at sea.


Since 2011, the IMO has taken the festival of the Day of the Seafarer web-based. It requires people to utilize web-based networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to voice their help for sailors. Also, to say thanks to them for their work.

The United Nations has now remembered the Day of the Seafarer for its list of observances. The day is to praise sailors and let the world know-how and why seafarers are basic to everybody.

Challenges faced by Seafarers ever

  • Risk of piracy
  • Protection of documents
  • Explicit material
  • Health issues
  • Stuck or abandonment
  • Following laws on foreign land
  • Maintaining securing measures at port
  • Unpredictable weather safeties
  • Responsibility of the cargoes
  • Keeping track of the marine-borders
Impact of IMO 2020 on Seafarers’ life

Amid COVID-19 crisis, the Secretary of IMO, General Kitack Lim shared his personal message with the seafarers all over. He said, “You are not alone. You are not forgotten.”

This message was guaranteeing them that IMO comprehends the one of a kind issues they face during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been working vigorously at all levels to discover solutions for them.

Many ship sailings had been dropped as the exchange has been decreased in accordance with the slowing worldwide economy. The ports everywhere throughout the world have either shut or definitely cut their tasks.

Since the beginning of the worldwide lockdown, IMO has been in dire contact with trade unions, seafarer welfare organizations. With shipowners, governments and partner United Nations offices, particularly the International Labor Organization, to attempt to discover arrangements.

Relief measures for Seafarers in lockdown

According to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), thousands of seafarers remain trapped at sea, on containerships and other cargo vessels due to COVID-19 lockdown.

As per a maritime bodies announcement in April, around 40,000 seafarers were abandoned abroad. Of these, around 15,000 were locally available 500 cargo vessels. While the rest of the 25,000 were on ships. A number of these sailors have since closed down at Indian ports.

Till now, many seafarers have been rescued amid lockdown and have returned home. IMO has been a great support with the government. This year, International Day Of Seafarer 2020 has been a bit difficult.

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