Google celebrates summers in northern hemisphere with another awsome Doodle

Google celebrates summer season with awsome Doodle, 21st june! voxytalksy
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In 2019, we mentioned that summer officially arrives today i.e. 21st June, every year! This year also, Google celebrated the summer season with another awesome Doodle. The difference between this year’s summer and other summers is that the world is going through a modern-day pandemic of COVID-19. It is perhaps the first pandemic after Google was born!

We can’t celebrate summers like past years because of Corona Virus this year!

Summer Season celebrated with Google Doodle

Every year Stonehenge witnesses a gathering of thousand on 21st June, however, this year, since there cannot be mass gatherings, the authorities have decided to do a live stream instead!

You can catch the live stream through this link.

Importance of Summer season!

People all around the world consider Summer season to be an auspicious one! Why is this? because it is in summers that life comes to normal after winters. Spring although marks transition between Summers and Winters!

Following benefits can be reaped in the summer season only:

  • For farmers, this season is ideal for harvesting. Although many grains and vegetables are planted in Spring, their growth happens in summers.
  • Summer season is ideal for patients of heart disease, diabetes, migraine, skin disease etc because, in this season, the intensity of diseases decreases.
  • Construction works happen faster in summers. Days are longer so one gets more time.
  • Swimming pools, water parks, boating etc are best utilized in the summer season only.

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  • Other outdoor activities are also possible in the summer season only.
  • Summer season is the best time to lose weight. After all, our appetite is reduced in Summers.
  • Girls can feel ‘gorgeous’. They can flaunt that Kurtis and tops which were hidden beneath jackets in winters!
  • Ice Creams! Yes, you can try your favourite flavour in summers. It although sells well in winters too, after all, ice cream lovers can’t wait for the earth to rotate!

Summer starts in December in Southern Hemisphere!

If you are in the northern hemisphere like India, USA, UK, Canada etc, this might seem confusing!

Countries like Australia, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru etc are located in Southern Hemisphere. Comment below if you are from one of these! 

Reason for the summer season being in December, January, and February is because these countries receive maximum sunlight in these months!

in January, our earth is nearly 3.2 million miles closer to the sun, as compared to june! 


Google Doodle of 21 June 2020 summer!

This year’s Google Doodle featured a smiling Sun! It shows beautiful patterns on a hot air balloon along with a flamingo riding and enjoying!

It also features clouds through which the hot air balloon is sailing though!

Tell us about this year’s summer’s experience in the comments section below! How are things during or after COVID-19 pandemic in your country?


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