2020 World Refugee Day: Facts, History, Celebration

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The United Nations‘ (UN) World Refugee Day is commemorated on June 20 every year. This occasion praises the boldness, strength and determination of men, women and children who are compelled to escape their country under danger of mistreatment, war and violence.


On the occasion of World Refugee Day, many nations have been holding events for many years. One of the global events is Africa Refugee Day, which is praised on June 20 in numerous nations. The UN General Assembly embraced a resolution to communicate its solidarity with Africa on 4 December, 2000.

The resolution noticed that 2001 denoted the 50th commemoration of the 1951 Convention identifying with the status of displaced people. The Organization of African Unity (OAU) consented to have International Refugee Day concur with Africa Refugee Day on June 20.

Therefore, the Assembly finally concluded that June 20 would be commended as World Refugee Day from 2001 onwards. The UN High Commissioner assigned this day for Refugees to point out the predicament of roughly 14 million refugees worldwide.


It is a day to perceive the commitments of refugees in their communities. People respect the strength and courage of the refugees worldwide on World Refugee Day. Organizations like Amnesty International and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) frequently engage in different exercises on this day.

A few communities devote a whole week that incorporates World Refugee Day to urge individuals to consider the lives of refugee and the human right to a safe place to that one can see as “home”. Apart from that, World Refugee Day is a universal observance and not a public holiday.


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The UN Refugee Agency’s (UNCHR) logo is regularly connected with the day. The colours utilized are either white on a blue background or blue on a white background. The logo highlights olive branches that represent harmony encompassing or ensuring two hands confronting one another. It is shown that these hands secure a figure of an individual in the centre. The logo is highlighted with the words “UNHCR”, written “The UN Refugee Agency” in smaller text to make the full logo.

Protection of Refugees in India

India is neither a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention nor does it have a household enactment all together. However, India has kept the rule of non-refoulement and bringing refugee security under the broad comprehension of Article 21 of the Constitution.

In spite of this, it keeps on being a host to the biggest number of refugees across South East Asia. India has embraced an adhoc administrative arrangement to accord assurance to refugees since the time of freedom. This holds issues of human right maltreatment of evacuees, absence of essential amenities and separation between displaced people themselves.

Accordingly, it has been looked upon the role of courts, NHRC and UNHCR in ensuring the privileges of the displaced people. Furthermore, a method of sanctioning a legislation or figuring a provincial treaty is proposed on comparable lines as the OAU Convention in Africa.

Steps taken in India for Refugee problems

In India, there has always been a liberal refugee policy to be followed. Even there is absence of refugee specific legislation law, India has addressed the requirements of refugees who have fled from their home country into its territory.

India facilitated around 420,400 refugees, including somewhere in the range of 110,000 from Tibet who fled since China’s 1951 invasion. Another 102,300, for the most part Tamil Sri Lankans, avoided conflict between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Sri Lankan military. There were around 36,000 Buddhist ethnic Chakmas and Hajongs from Bangladesh who fled to Arunachal Pradesh after Muslim extension of their property in 1964.

India has concurred differential treatment to displaced people having a place with various nations. There were two significant displaced persons groups from Bangladesh. The Chakmas were furnished with insufficient offices as affirmed by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and repatriated in 1988. Tibetan displaced people got much better treatment in contrast with other refugee communities. As to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, an official displaced person assurance process has been practiced and the standard of non-refoulement has been conformed to.

  • Refugees are human beings too and it is our duty to treat them with kindness and make them feel at home. Happy World Refugee Day!
  • The world has forced them to leave their homes because nobody leaves their home by choice. Happy 2020 World Refugee Day.
  • We should be kind towards the refugees because they have been forced to leave their homes to survive and stay alive. Have an awareful World Refugee Day people!
  • The migrants and refugees have gone through a lot and they deserve our kindness and generosity. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!
  • Migrants and refugees are human beings too and we should not be unkind towards them. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!
  • They may be coming from different places but they are human beings as well and as fellow human beings we should try to protect their basic human rights. Happy 2020 World Refugee Day everybody!
  • Just because they are refugees and they do not have homes, does not mean that they are not human beings. Have an awareful World Refugee Day!
  • These people have been deprived of the peace that every human being deserves and the least we can do for them is to show them some generosity and give them some love. Happy World Refugee Day everybody!
  • Refugees are human beings and we should show them some love and support and pray for their best. Have an awareful 2020 World Refugee Day!
  • There are women who have escaped being trafficked, there are kids who have not had a proper meal for days, there are people who have not slept for days and so on. Be kind and have an awareful World Refugee Day!

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