World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020: Facts to Know

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020 is being celebrated on 15 June. The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse started the annual observation. The World Health Organization of the United Nations also supported it.

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was first celebrated in 2006. The UN headquarters of New York lately marked it in the meetings and conferences in 2011. Hence, it became an international day officially.

The UN International Plan of Action holds this day on its side. It recognizes the elder maltreatment as a general wellbeing and human rights issue. This recognition fills in as a source of inspiration for people, associations, and communities to bring issues to light about elder maltreatment, dishonour, and abuse.


The aim of this day to concentrate on the issue of physical, emotional, and money related ill-treatment with elders. It additionally tries to comprehend the difficulties and chances the senior population introduce.

The day unites senior residents, and their parental figures, national and state government, etc. to exchange thoughts regarding the ways to decrease brutality towards older people. It promotes to increase reporting of such maltreatment, and to create elder-friendly strategies.


Elder Abuse incorporates physical, emotional, mental or sexual damage done to the older adults for money. There are many cases to be heard that a family tortures an old father or mother for money or some other reasons.

As estimated in the 2011 Indian Census, 8.0% of individuals are old over 60 years. The media reports various cases of elder abuse. Old people are easy victims of brutality and crimes. Society comes to know about the issues which are reported for lack of respect and torture. Recently, Indian media has reported a case amid lockdown on Elder Abuse.

70, Alone, Abandoned. Waiting at a Railway Station in Mumbai. The Story of Leelavati

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Posted by TheMojo on Saturday, May 30, 2020


There are several laws in India to protect the elderly from any kind of abuse. In 2017, Delhi High Court passed a decision saying that abusive adults could be expelled out from their parents’ home. This property need not be claimed to have owned or self-purchased. It could be any property wherein the parents are in lawful ownership.

Other than there are two acts that have been passed by the Indian Court: Maintenance of Parents Act in 2007 and the Parents and Senior Citizens Act of 2007. Not just the law, people around such incidences should remain aware and help the elderly to get relief from any kind of abuse.

  • Respect and love your elders as they have done the same for you. Have a great outing with your elderly on World elder Abuse Awareness Day.
  • The abuses that are hurled at the elderly are not just words but a realization that they are not valuable anymore.
  • Every one of us has to go through the same age as any elderly so without waiting for the karma to work let’s start by respecting them on World Abuse Awareness Day.
  • Raising our voice against the criminal injustice faced by the elderly is what required for elders.
  • If not for the parents or grandparents of this world, let’s fight this battle for humanity’s sake on the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.
  • On the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, if we can help one senior at a time then the voice of change will eventually be heard by everyone.
  • May you reach out to senior who lives alone and spread the joy of life on the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020.
  • Let’s hope the child of the abusers doesn’t become like their parents. It is our job to create a better world for them.
  • On the eve of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day let us all help in whatever the way we can to raise awareness on the issue of Elder Abuse.
  • Voices against elder abuse will only be heard if there is a strong will for justice attached to it. Let’s make our voices louder!

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