Fashion games to download and play for free! Part 1

Fashion games to download and play for free! Part 1
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Is fashion what goes on in your mind all day every day? Do you daydream of dressing people up in your creations all the time? Then you have got to try these fashion games out because they are nothing short of a fantasy for a fashion lover! Read on to find out about online dress up games which are absolutely free to play

1. Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

This is one of the highest-rated fashion games on the Google Play App store. The best part about the game is that it is as real as it gets. You can build a virtual closet as you shop and discover clothing and brands while you’re at it. If you get recognised impeccable style- then bonus gifts come your way!

The makers have even partnered up with amazing brands like Calvin Klein, and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest styles to play and experiment with. They have a variety of over 175 brands to shop from and would serve as a marvellous source to practice your styling skills.

Other than that you could cast vote and let people know you love their style and if you
want to be advised on your outfits, you could join a Fashion House and connect with friends on social media as well.

2. Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru

In this fashion game, it’s all about being discovered and making connections in the virtual world. You need to up your style game so that you can flaunt a big client base. Promote your clients on ‘Stylagram’ by joining them at red carpets and VIP events.

Your clients’ demands will be just like the ones in the real world with them asking you to dress them up in casuals or for date nights and movie premieres. You have to earn points in your stylist bank to purchase new clothes and earn profits by selling them to your clients.

3. Glamdiva: International Fashion Stylist Dressup

This is a one of a kind fashion adventure game where you dress up and compete with real fashion lovers all across the world. Make the best out of the accessories provided and create a glamourous look.
Earn coins to expand your wardrobe and get an upgrade to a super stylist. With the variety of accessories available in the game, you will surely be confused as to what goes best, but that is when you are required to prove your talent.
4. Dress Up Games Stylist – Fashion Diva Style

The designers of ‘International Fashion Stylist’ and ‘Star Fashion Designer’ bring you a glamorous new game to show your style to the world. Style models for the runway and enter the high society glam by experimenting with couture.

Use your innate sense of style to doll up the hottest models in the virtual world with an exclusive collection of makeup and hair accessories. You could also create your signature shows and earn the praise of everyone. If you like challenges, try styling them for theme-based affairs in interesting looks at the studio.

5. Glamland: Fashion Games

This is one of the best dress up games for adults where you style your character the way you want but in the most glamourous way possible. If you want to be a stylist, it could be a good game to brush up your skills and have fun while learning new things.

The game has a variety of over 500 Outfits for you to style the perfect outfit. Cast your vote and decide what’s hot in the fashion scene. Play with your friends and share the most fashionable looks in the virtual world. This might be the best thing you ever downloaded!

Download these because they are some of the best online dress up games!

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