Fashion games to download and play for free! Part 2

Fashion games to download and play for free! Part 2-voxytalksy
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In the first article, you read about all online dress up games a fashion lover must have on his phone. This article will feature a few apps which are a great way to pass time this isolation and also learn while doing so! In case you missed the first article, make sure you read them first here to know about online dress up games Fashion games to download and play for free! Part 1

1. Shopping Mall Girl – Dress Up & Style Game

If you like to play dress up games, you’ll love this one, undoubtedly. There are tons of real-life shopping activities involved in this one. You can participate in competitions and style contests & vote for your favourite look out of all of them.

You can experiment and discover your style on this gaming platform. Identify whether your style is sporty, casual or dressy, this 3D shopping game is just what you need to play at a time like this. You could dress your avatar up in trendy brands like Zara and H&M but will have to hurry up because just like real life, the mall closes down here too!

2. Fashion Empire – Dressup Boutique Sim

Designed for ultra-fashionable women of all ages, this game can be played offline as well!
You start in San Francisco as an aspiring designer who just opened their first store. Your first task would be to design an irresistible pink dress along with your investor Eva.

After making your first sales, you can upgrade your store by buying more racks, registers and dressing rooms to amp up your store for the high-end client base. The game goes by the simple rule – the more you play, the better things you unlock!

Later in the game, you could interview interested employees and hire them to work for you. Design, sell and open more and more stores across the globe. After you become famous, you’ll start getting clients from Bollywood and Hollywood, as well.

3. Fashion Model 2020 – Rising Star Girl

For all fashionistas with a great sense of style here is the perfect dress up game for you. The game features 6 dolls of different races, 8 backgrounds and over 160 clothing items to choose from. Dress each of them in a unique way and highlight their natural beauty.

Pick a fancy hairstyle, designer clothes and flawless makeup for each one of them completely free in this virtual fashion salon. You can also take pictures of your designs by pressing the “Camera” button in the top-right corner inside the game to take a screenshot. The best part is that nothing in this game is locked. You could use any and every item right from the very start!

4. Fashion Fantasy

An app where the fashion world meets fantasy. You will have to perform the tasks given by styling the avatar according to the brief given and justify it completely. You could vote on the best looks and even create your own. Doll up to travel places with Lizzy!

Connect to your Facebook account and invite your friends to join you on your adventurous journey. To increase your networking there is also an official forum which gives you access to a platform where you can discuss and share information with other fashionistas.

Other than that, there is a fashion boutique which displays new arrivals which will help you in creating new designs. Collect enough outfits in your closet so that you can swap an unnecessary one with a gorgeous outfit.

5. Fashion Tycoon

This game will start with you as a small fashion designer, and will have you design clothes till you become a successful business tycoon! You can live your wildest fantasy and open up an extravagant fashion studio.
You start by opening one store and continue doing so till you become rich enough to afford the entire town! The perks include attending the trendiest fashion shows around the world, and displaying your collections in them as well!

Just like the real world, you will have deadlines and angry customers as well. So make sure you keep your clients happy. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns and textures and save them for later.Take pictures of the models wearing your collection and add them to your very own style catalogue! The best place to earn name, fame and money while continuing to conquer the fashion world!

These were some of the best online dress up games in India.


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