Is Masood Azahar Dead? We don’t know!

There is unconfirmed news that Masood Azahar died after Indian Air Force strikes on Jaish camp at Balakot.

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Social Media is soaring with speculations that Masood Azahar died on Sunday. While some news channels ran the news that he is dead, others said that it is just hearsay.

It is reported by some media houses that Jaish issued a statement that Azahar is fine and doing well. Well, its Pakistan and we don’t know whom to trust!

Imran Khan’s Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi earlier said that Yes, Azahar is in Pakistan. Today he also said that Azahar is fighting a terminal disease.

Let’s see what Twitter has to say about it!

 were in trend all day.

Well said Paji!

From a Muslim to a Muslim

Have a look at the problem from all angels

Some humor?



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