New food chart, new lifestyle: Have a look!

New lifestyle
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As this is the lockdown period going on and our eating habits have changed. Our eating habits are improving day by day as people are avoiding junk food, most of the people are not even ordering food online just for the safety cause.

Let’s come to the food chart:

Many of us had a food chart where we used to eat unhealthy fast or junk food.

All mothers want their children to eat homemade food especially green vegetables.

All they want is that their children should eat homemade food at home only.

Now their wishes have become true, because of this lockdown almost every child is eating homemade food even children are cooking these days like:

  • baking cake,
  • cutting vegetables,
  • making golgappas,
  • chapattis,
  • experimenting on other dishes too by helping their mothers, which is sweet.

All credit goes to lockdown:

Because of the new food chart which includes: homemade food which is very healthy, people’s immune system is actually getting stronger than before.

Homemade food provides proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates.

Also, by planning meals in advance will ensure you to use all of the ingredients you have before buying more, which prevents waste.

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This is the new lifestyle that God has gifted us in the form of lockdown.

Everyone should take this very seriously because if you are healthy then only you can make your present and future wealthy. If you are not healthy, you are eating junk food daily instead of healthy food then:

  • How can you be mentally and physically present at your respective workplaces?
  • How will you earn money if you are sick?
  • Will you be able to make your future bright?
  • How will you fulfil your needs?

Just think about it once because:



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