Time for some inspiration from Real and Reel Gully Boys!

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Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy eyes 150 crore club mark now! Gully Boy portrays a Mumbai based slum dwelling aspiring rapper-Ranvir Singh, who is mentored by Siddhant Chaturvedi or M C Sher.

Ranveer revealed that he has been into rap and hip-hop since childhood and listened to  Hollywood rappers like

He also practiced with rappers Divine and Naezy for 10 months and to provide authenticity, sang 2 songs in the film.

Getting praised by Will Smith himself

Ranvir Singh was praised by Will Smith. He visited India last year


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The ‘Real’ Gully Boy!

Vivian Fernandes aka Divine started his rapping with religious raps. He often visited church with his grandma, from where he got the taste of religion. 

His father was an alcoholic and his mother had to leave for middle-east, in order to make ends meet.  

After his success, he called his mother back and credits his mother for his success. 

While Naved Shaikh or Naezy is another Rapper who gained more popularity after Gully Boy release. 



From the stories of all Gully Boys, we all can learn these lessons from their life:

  • Never Give Up on your dreams- Ranveer worked as a driver, fought with destitute, father etc. but never gave up on his dream of becoming a rapper. Other unconventional artists suffer the same plight if they tell their family and society that they want to pursue their dream and not do ‘Naukri’

  • Be patient and keep working- ‘Apna time ayega’  Always believe that your time will come and keep grinding. As they say, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” – Izaak Walton It is important to be careful about the association that we live in. As is evident from the quote, one should choose their association and disassociation as well. Avoid negative people and always show up to events, seminars, meeting of your area. You never know which moment becomes a life-changing one.
  • Screenshot from “Pursuit of Happiness” says it all
Still from The Pursuit of Happyness


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