Do you remember these TV channels that closed down?

Remembering TV channels that closed down in India due to reasons like high competition, unsteady subscriber numbers, marginal earnings, etc. How many of these do you remember?

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The journey of many Indian television channels has been a roller-coaster ride due to various reasons. They have faced a slow death from unsteady subscriber numbers, marginal earnings and failure to cash-in on the advertising potential of the biggest brands at the right moment.

There are many reasons many Indian TV channels closed down:

  • Owing to stiff competition and a race fortify the affiliate fees, most channels nowadays go totally free for public view.
  • Some are offered for lower prices as per pay-per-view TV bundle prices.
  • Many channels simply can’t cope up with the rise in maintenance costs that a running TV channel demands.
  • Many new and advanced technologies in broadcasting have arrived, which is not affordable for smaller channels.

Due to this inability to funnel resources, they either get sold to bigger conglomerates or simply shut shop to reduce their deficit.

Here are some popular Indian TV channels that had to pull the plug sooner rather than late due to different reasons mentioned below:

  • DD Metro

    An iconic channel which once was a sister-channel to Doordarshan National before the advent of DTH channels in India. This channel was closed and diversified into many other channels like DD Kisan, DD Sports, DD News, etc. apart from regional DD channels.


  • Cartoon Network One of the most memorable channels for most of us out there! We probably didn’t spend a day without watching this channel!


It was shut down due to two major reasons: Turner News Television (TNT) which owned the channel had a brief exit from India. Secondly, the channel was facing major competition from channels with newer content like Nickelodeon, Pogo, Hungama, Toon Disney, Disney Channel, etc. It came back as CN with new shows, but it isn’t popular anymore with kids.


  • FX, FX HD and Star Movies Action – Star TV India’s 3 major channels that catered to the English-speaking urban crown were axed in June 2017 owing to lesser viewership and high-running costs. Star India decided to continue with Star World Premiere HD and Star Movies Select HD in order to keep HD channel viewers happy.


  • Zindagi TV

    This channel was owned by Zee TV India conglomerate from 2014-2017, but had run into controversy owing to the constant India and Pakistan cross-border tensions in 2016-2017. Since it offered mainly Pakistani TV content (apart from Spanish and Brazilian shows) to Indian audiences, it decided to exit the TV channel space and became a part of their Ozee app.


  • NDTV Profit – Owing to an ongoing tax evasion case accusation worth over 200 crores, NDTV decided to transfer its business and finance segments on its regular English news channel NDTV 24×7 to cut losses. However, NDTV Prime was continued as a channel for premium users.


  • Life Ok – This channel has had the most changes till date! It launched in India as Star One, then it became Life OK and was then owned by 21st-Century Fox. After that, it became Star India for a while and finally in 2017, it currently operates under the Star Bharat identity.


  • IBN7 – A Hindi news channel which is now part of the Network 18 group. It is now called as News 18.
  • Bindaas Play, UTV Stars and UTV World Movies – Both channels closed down due to limited viewership as compared to UTV’s most famous channels Bindass!

Several new channels launched in India over the years, but most of them had to go through permanent shutdown. Some have even transformed into a new channel with a new name.

Here is a compiled list of the channels that no longer run in India:


  • BBC Entertainment
  • Big CBS Prime
  • Big CBS Love
  • Big CBS Spark
  • FOX Crime
  • iTV Choice


  • YO Music
  • CMM Music
  • UTV Stars
  • Music Express
  • MTunes


  • NDTV Metro Nation
  • YO News
  • P7 News
  • Hummara X


  • ZEE Next
  • ZEE Arabia
  • Hallmark
  • Zone Reality
  • TB6 Mockba
  • Space TV
  • NRI Standard


  • Spacetoon Kids
  • CBeebies
  • ZEE Q
  • Da Vinci Learning


  • Voyages
  • ZEE Trendz
  • DD Gyan Darshan 1
  • DD Gyan Darshan 2


  • ZEE Sports
  • Fox Sports News
  • Trace Sports Star
  • TEN Cricket
  • STAR Sports 4
  • STAR Sports


  • Shop CJ2
  • Naaptol
  • Best Deal TV
  • Food First
  • ZEE Education
  • Jiviee Shoppe


  • Real TV
  • Imagine TV
  • STAR One
  • ZEE Smile
  • 9X
  • DD 3 Movie Club
  • Jhankaar Movies
  • ZEE Premier
  • Hariyali TV
  • TVC Skyshop


  • Tamil Thirai TV
  • G7 SPV
  • SS TV
  • SS Entertainment
  • Jaya TV
  • Sun Action


  • Asianet Sithara
  • Maa Junior
  • UTV Action Telugu
  • Gemini Action


  • Asianet Global
  • Bharath TV
  • MiddleEast Entertainment TV
  • Indiavision
  • Yes Indiavision
  • TV New
  • Prabhatham News
  • Surya Action


  • Asianet Bharathi
  • Asianet Kaveri
  • Suprabhatha TV
  • Shopping Zone Kannada
  • Snapdeal Kannada
  • Suriyan TV



  • Tara Marathi
  • DD Marathi
  • STV Goa News
  • Prabhat TV
  • Mi Marathi
  • Naaptol Marathi


  • Mahuaa Bangla
  • Tara Bangla
  • Mahuaa Khobor
  • Sananda TV
  • Focus Bangla
  • Tara music
  • Ujjain Bangla
  • Taaza TV


  • Superstar Josh Odia
  • Ekamra TV
  • STV Samachar


  • ZEE ETC Punjabi
  • Get Punjabi
  • Big CBS Spark Punjabi
  • Tara Punjabi
  • Punjab Today
  • Punjabi cinema
  • Punjab TV
  • Lashkara
  • Balle Balle


  • ZEE Gujarati
  • VTV Gujarati


  • Purva TV
  • Mahuaa TV


  • Husaini Channel
  • Peace TV Urdu
  • Shifa TV
  • Awaam
  • Urdu TV
  • Paigham TV
  • KTN
  • Voice TV Kashmir


  • Bansal News
  • Khabar Bharti
  • D Live


  • HBC News Channel
  • JAN TV
  • JAN TV Plus
  • First India Rajasthan
  • ZEE Sangam
  • WIN TV UP/Uttarakhand
  • Channel C UP/Uttarakhand
  • Sea News
  • Mahuaa News UP/Uttarakhand


  • Al Tehalaka News
  • BBC Haryana


  • Focus NE
  • Focus HiFi


  • Kermit
  • ATN
  • Gurjari
  • De TV
  • TMG Enter
  • VOI
  • VOI Millionaire
  • Sur Sangeet
  • NEPC
  • Vatsa Music
  • Play TV
  • My TV
  • Channel 10
  • News Chakra
  • News Express
  • Splash Channel
  • Om TV
  • Take Care TV
  • Falak TV
  • S1 Tadka
  • Voi home tv
  • Jansandesh
  • Jan Sandesh
  • Prime News
  • Frontier TV
  • News Network
  • Azad News
  • Hummara X


  • Ahimsaa
  • Jesus TV

Let us know below if you know of any other news channels apart from this list that closed down in India.



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