International Friendship Day 2020: Celebrate amid Lockdown

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The International Friendship Day 2020 is on 30 July. It is celebrated annually in several countries. It was firstly proposed in Paraguay in 1958. Hence, Friendship Day celebrations happen on different dates in different countries.

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The UN General Assembly declared International Day of Friendship in 2011. It was done with the possibility that friendship between groups, nations, societies and people can move harmony endeavors and construct spans between networks.

The resolution places significance on including youngsters, as future pioneers, in community exercises that incorporate various societies. Also, to advance global comprehension and regard for assorted variety.


The International Day of Friendship is an activity that follows on the proposition UNESCO made. It characterize the Culture of Peace as a lot of qualities, mentalities and practices that dismiss viciousness and try to forestall clashes. The UN General Assembly embraced it in 1997.

To portray the International Day of Friendship the UN supports governments, worldwide associations and common society gatherings. They hold occasions, exercises and activities that add to the endeavors of the universal network towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding and compromise.

How to celebrate Friendship Day?

There are several ways one can make this day special for their friends and celebrate uniquely.

  • Offer them personalized cake.
  • Send your friend flowers.
  • Cook a meal for your friend.
  • Make handmade greeting cards.
  • Take a trip with your friend.
  • Give your friend a gift.
  • Tell your friend how much you appreciate them.
  • Make handmade friendship bands or bracelets.
  • Organize a get together.
  • Take them to a restaurant on a special discount.
Tips to celebrate amid Lockdown

This year COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted many special ocassions. Therefore, people have to celebrate events sitting at homes amid lockdown. So, here is how one can celebrate International Friendship Day 2020:

  • Share a photo or video collage of you and your friend on social media.
  • Send good wishes to him/her in text messages.
  • Make a phone call or a video call.
  • Convey a self-written poem on them.
  • Parcel a gift if possible.
  • I’m glad that you are in my life because your kind nature and sweet gestures have started to rub off on me too! So Happy Friendship Day!
  • A friend does not walk before you so you can follow, he walks beside you so he can catch you before you fall. Happy International Friendship Day 2020!
  • I have no words to describe how I feel to have a friend like you. Thank you for being my best friend in life.

  • Happy friendship day! I appreciate your love, kindness, and support! Thanks for being a part of my life my friend.

  • Thank you for never letting me do the stupid things alone. This just proves what great friend you are for me. Happy Friendship Day to you!

  • The best thing in life is having a friend who cares, loves, and inspires you without a condition. Happy Friendship Day to all the amazing people who we call friends!

  • Not many things in life make me happy. But you are an exception. Happy friendship day, my friend!

  • I am one of those lucky individuals who have gotten to experience the meaning of true friendship. Happy friendship day, buddy!

  • No matter what I wish for you on this special day, it will not be enough to express the feelings I have for you. you always have a very special place in my heart. Happy friendship day!

  • Some people are so special in our lives that it’s hard to imagine existing in a universe without them. Happy friendship day, my friend!

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