Asteroid Day 2020: Background, Aim, Asteroid AK6

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On 30th June, International Day of Asteroid is celebrated every year. The day is to spread awareness among individuals about the force and effect that asteroids or space rocks can have when it crashes on planet Earth. It is a United Nations‘ observance adopted under the resolution A/RES/71/90. On the occasion of Asteroid Day 2020, let’s read some interesting facts here.

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International Day of Asteroid is a global event held on the anniversary of the Siberian Tunguska occasion on June 30, 1908. It was the most hurtful known asteroid related occasion in Earth’s history.

Stephen Hawking, producer Grigorij Richters, B612 Foundation President, Danica Remy, co-founded to establish Asteroid Day. Apart from them, Astronaut Rusty Schweickart and Brian May, Queen guitarist and astrophysicist also involved. Hence, the day was formally propelled on December 3, 2014.

The day is celebrated since 2017 after the UN General Assembly implemented resolution A/RES/71/90 in December 2016.


International Day of Asteroid aims to bring issues to light about space rocks. What should be possible to secure the Earth, its families, communities, and people in the future from a disastrous occasion? It likewise features the significance of distinguishing the objects that represent a threat to the planet.

The day is an instructive program to motivate the world about asteroids and their role in the arrangement of our solar system. It aims to inspire the youth especially, to know how asteroids can prepare a way for future exploration. Lastly, how we can shield our planet from the dangerous impacts of the space rocks.


Events of this day are organized to a great extent all over the world over for individuals of every age and free of cost. Asteroid Foundation, a Luxembourg non-profit association runs Day is a program of Asteroid Day.

Along with the United Nations, space organizations, schools and colleges Asteroid Day is composed. A number of supporters worldwide celebrate on 30 June. Different talks and panel discussions are held among famous individuals who are specialists in the specific field as a part of International Day of Asteroid.

What would happen if an asteroid hits the Earth?

If an asteroid hits the Earth’s surface, there would be an enormous measure of residue hurled into the climate. In the event that it hits in water, there would be an expansion in water vapour in the environment. This would bring about an excess rainfall bringing about avalanches and landslides.

Moreover, if it hits the land, there may be tremors, typhoons and waves because of the expansion in kinetic energy. Therefore, if the space rock is sufficiently enormous, there could be a worldwide impact. An asteroid hitting the Earth could cause the death of many living beings including the vegetation.

Did the Asteroid fall on Earth on June 2020?

Talking about the asteroid detected this year is a best topic on Asteroid Day 2020.

The Asteroid 2020 KA6, safely flew by the Earth undetected on 5 June 2020. It was within a distance of 0.02987 astronomical units.

Scientists found out that the asteroid was travelling at 97,890 km/h relative to Earth.  It was the 45th known and the largest asteroid to sweep within a lunar-distance of Earth so far in 2020. Hence, no harm was caused to the Earth.

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