Why Google celebrated Omar Khayyam’s birthday ?

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Omar Khayyam عمر خیّام, a well-known poet, mathematician and poet, honoured by Google doodle today on his 971st birthday. He was born in Nishapur, in northeastern Iran,

He is well known for his solutions regarding cubic equations where he provided geometric results by the intersection of conics. Simply, he showed the world how to solve cubic equations.

Pic Credit:@fateme_saba

He also discovered Pascal’s triangle and wrote books on Postulates of Euclid and Problems of arithmetic. He is also known for starting Jalali calendar, as an astronomer. He was also  a well-know. poet who wrote books like Rubaiyay of Omar Khayyam. A movie called Omar Khayyam (also released as The Life, Loves and Adventures of Omar Khayyam and The Loves of Omar Khayyam) is made on Khayyam. 

So now, you may know why Google made a dedicated doodle for great Khayyam. 


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