5 promising small businesses you can start in India with minimum investment

Voxy Talksy brings some ideas to start a business minimum investment in India. Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Keep reading this post!

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India’s job market is a dud and Modiji’s Acche din are nowhere to be found for job aspirants!  Especially when it comes to providing employment to the millions of unemployed youth of our country, there are very few jobs you can actually pursue! We bring some ideas to start a business minimum investment in India.

Since India’s current population comprises a majority of youth, it is up to you to find a way out of this mess and make a mark for yourself – financially and socially! Competitive exams are not everyone’s cup of tea and some people are simply not cut out for desk jobs; they prefer the freedom to work from home.

Businesses are the way to go! Most profitable ventures in the world are all businesses after all! Maybe, you too are cut out for running a business.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Keep reading this post!

Thinking to start a business minimum investment in India, but still doubtful?

Worry not! If you are exploring options for venturing into a business, but don’t want to ask your family to shell out the money, here are some business options for you to explore.

These can be started with a minimum investment by applying for a loan or pooling your savings. As an added bonus, most of these businesses are home-based industries and can be housed within a small room.

These business options are simple to pursue, use very less labor and are highly profitable, provided that you are selling your produce at competitive prices.  Let’s check them out:

1)   Tempered glass manufacturing

  • Everybody buys tempered glass for their phones now, right? You can enter this market with a minimum investment of ₹75,000 to ₹1.2 lakh by purchasing a glass cutting machine.
  • The machine for cutting tempered glass can be purchased from Alibaba.com  and Indiamart. The software (Dagin Film Cutter Master) for running the machine comes bundled with the device and can be updated regularly for the latest smartphone/tablet models launched in the market.
  • The flexible Nano glass sheet (A4 size) can be purchased from Indiamart for as low as ₹40 to ₹65 per sheet and you can cut up to 6 iPhone tempered glass pieces from one sheet.
  • If you want to package the tempered glass sheets for retail, the packaging material costs just ₹3 per piece.
  • The manufacturing cost for each glass comes to about ₹10-₹20 and you can retail it from anywhere around ₹100 and ₹500 depending on its quality and intended market. All in all, a very profitable business!

2)   Paper bowl and plate manufacturing

  • Event management is incomplete without catering and catering is incomplete without plates! Ever since the government has banned Styrofoam and plastic plates as part of its green initiatives, this market is open again for competition.
  • You can start this business for as low as ₹50,000 to ₹1,00,000 and the machine for paper plate cutting can be purchased from Indiamart or local sellers.
  • The double-die machine can belt out 2500 plates and 2500 bowls in one hour simultaneously!
  • The readymade laminated paper/cardboard roll for cutting is also available for wholesale purchase for ₹35-40 per kilo. You can make around 400 bowls and 300 12-inch plates per roll.
  • You can retail the plates for around ₹100 for 300 plates and ₹60 for 100 bowls. If you want to earn more profit you can always enter the wholesale market for higher margins.
3)   Noodle/Sewai manufacturing
start a business minimum investment in India, noodle machine
  • Noodles and Sewai are a very popular all-season option from a business point of view since these food items are always in demand owing to our penchant for Chinese food and since they can be made really quickly.
  • For this process, you need a semi-automatic machine for as low as ₹8,000 from Amazon or a ₹40,000 lakh machine which can be ordered from Indiamart.
  • These machines come in a set of a dough maker, dies of 0.2 to 0.4 mm and a hopper which feeds the raw material into the cutter-head. Technically, the only raw materials you need for this business are Maida (Fine grain wheat) and water.
  • As preservatives, you will need to purchase Arrowroot powder, Sodium Bicarb, etc. which can all be purchased at wholesale rates from local markets.
  • Coming to retail prices, you can retail noodles for as low as ₹20 per pack and Sewai at about ₹15 per pack, though your local market may have more competitive prices.
4)   Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing-Best business with a minimum investment in India?
  • MLM also known as referral marketing business is really popular in India for the fact that it is very straightforward – you sell, you earn a commission.
  • In this process, you simply need to sell a few products/services of a specific company like Amway, Oriflame, Vestige, Forever Living, Avon, etc. and earn profits based on your outreach.
  • The investment is based on how much you can spend on the products initially. You can start as low as ₹5000 per month and scale up as you gain confidence.
  • Your income is calculated on the basis of your net sales and how many new buyers you can incorporate into your fold. Plus, the more you advertise the brand and educate new people about it, the more referral points you earn.
  • You can buy stock directly from the manufacturer and then approach potential customers to buy these products at cheaper rates as compared to the market. Please be aware of MLM scams. Do your research before signing up for any MLM scheme.
  • Your profit-earning depends on the amount of hard work you want to put into it. It is a very cost-effective method of earning from home.

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5)   Professional work-from-home writer/translatorwork from home, a business with minimum investment India
  • The most cost-efficient and emotionally rewarding job is writing for a brand’s success or translating their literature into languages you hold proficiency in.
  • You simply need a home computer, a good internet connection, high expertise in the topics you are writing about or translating, and lastly impeccable grammar.
  • To get writing and translation projects, you might want to look for writing jobs on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Also, set up a free website via Wix or WordPress to display your portfolio.
  • If you are into ‘internet writing’, you need to know the nuances of SEO and how articles are marketed online.
  • You can make anywhere between ₹250-₹2000 on the document type you are writing, but mind you, you have to have experience. Writing isn’t easy and in no way something you can just enter into. Practice matters.


So, that’s it, these are some of the simplest business you can start with a minimum investment in India. Some college degrees cost more than these!

Let us know if you started anything mentioned above and how it went about!


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