How to start basic weight training at the gym early to avoid losing muscle mass

To avoid losing muscle mass and to keep your body fit, read this guide on how to hit the gym early in life to maintain optimal fitness!

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Research shows that by the time you are 80 years old, you will lose up to 50% of your muscle mass if you tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle!

Over the years, our body begins to slow down and become lethargic if we don’t motivate ourselves to lead an active lifestyle. Not only will this cause serious health problems for you, it can also bring up ailments (like arthritis, heart diseases, etc.) that would not have happened to you if you would have stayed active. However, if start weight-training now for a considerable period of time, you can prevent and also reverse the adverse effects of muscle loss.

Let’s show you how you can begin to start weight training at the gym from a beginner to advanced level.

Why Should You Start-Weight Training Early?

  • Weight-training helps you build better posture and can reduce body fat by 7%. Additionally, it helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
  • Research has proven that 60% people got better sleep due to following a proper weight-training regimen.
  • Weight-lifting boosts levels of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine which are naturally-produced antidepressants in our body.
  • Weight-lifting also helps to boost metabolism, which means that muscle repair is enhanced or more effective in comparison to free-hand exercises.

Why Take Gym Sessions?

Lifting weights at the gym is the easiest shortcut for you to reduce that ugly-looking belly fat, reduce mental stress and diminish risks of cardiac disease or cancer.

If you want to look handsome, hot and sexy, gym sessions are the answer!  After all, it is every person’s dream that their body looks attractive and shapely.

Apart from looking good and attaining a fitter and healthier body, you decrease chances of injury and boost your body’s overall immunity! Here are some benefits of gym exercise that will motivate you to hit the weights ASAP:

  1. Burn More Calories – More Effectively!

  • Compared to being a couch potato, your body burns more calories when you are working out – simply because it is in constant action.
  • With a proper diet, your body gets the energy it needs to repair muscle fiber and builds metabolism that concentrates fat only where it is needed.
  1. Get the body you always wanted!

  • Research shows that circuit training with weights boosts cardiovascular function and helps you to achieve lean-muscle gain.
  • Apart from contouring your body, you will also build core strength and develop better musculature.
  1. Improved Dietary Benefits

  • Since exercise sessions work on a plan, your brain tends to stick to it.
  • Following a strict exercise regimen helps you to build focus, stay on track towards your goals and helps you achieve them within the stipulated
  1. Reduce up to 40% fat

  • Pumping iron is the best way to burn belly fat! Research on dieters who don’t do weight training shows that dieting leads to rapid muscle loss and is not a permanent solution for weight reduction.
  • To burn belly fat, and retain muscle strength, weight lifting is the best option. On an average, a circuit of eight moves is equitable to a 10-mile-per-hour run and which can burn up to 150-230 calories easily!
  • Not only will your old clothes fit you, your healthier body will look really good in them too


  1. LessStress,MoreHappiness

  • Research proves that fit people handle stress better and stay cool under pressure.
  • People with more muscle have lower blood pressure levels compared to unhealthy and fat people. This will also help you uplift your mood and reduce anger issues.
  1. Stronger Bones, Longer Life-Span, and Better total-body strength

  • Studies reveal that 16 weeks of pure resistance training helped boost hip bone density and also elevated blood levels of osteocalcin (bone protein).
  • This also helps boost platelet production and reduces risks of death due to cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  1. Bye-bye to many health ailments!

  • Regular exercise can cut down risks of asthma, pulmonary diseases and keeps your bone density normal.
  • Moreover, it can also help your body clock to stay normal considering the fact that you will do gym regular gym sessions at specific times of the day.
  1. Better Productivity and Smartness

  • Lifting makes you more focused and helps you feel less-stressed at your job. Most workers are 15% more productive on days they hit the gym in comparison to days they didn’t.
  • Moreover, resistance training helps build cognitive function by bettering verbal reasoning and memory.

You can start basic weight training at the gym with absolutely zero experience about strength training and reap its benefits for years to come. You don’t need to be already fit to join a gym, beginner weightlifting exercises can help you attain the perfect body shape in no time!

Lastly, sticking to a proper diet, consuming whey proteins and working out regularly will help you stay fit and healthy forever!

Let’s hit the gym, shall we?


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