World Malaria Day Theme 2020 – Motive and Messages

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World Malaria Day is a worldwide recognition observed each year on 25 April and perceives worldwide endeavors to control malaria. Therefore, read about the World Malaria Day theme 2020, motive, and messages. This day is celebrated worldwide in which countries like, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Zambia, Uganda, the United States of America, etc. actively participate.

On this day, many money-raising occasions are held to help the prevention, treatment, and control of malaria. A few people may likewise utilize the recognition to compose letters or petitions to political pioneers, calling for more prominent help towards ensuring and treating individuals who are in danger of malaria. Numerous newspapers, sites, and magazines, just as TV and radio broadcasts, utilize the day as the opportunity to campaign or plug awareness battles about malaria.

World Malaria Day Theme 2020 - Motive and Messages | VoxyTalksy
Source: World Malaria Report 2018

Motive –

WHO’s a dynamic body, World Health Assembly built up World Malaria Day in May 2007 in its 60th meeting. The day was set up to give training and comprehension of malaria and spread information. As a result, this was the motive of starting Malaria Day worldwide. There are also several national malaria control methodologies, like network-based exercises for malaria avoidance and treatment in endemic regions.

Theme 2020 –

The World Malaria Day theme 2020 is “Zero Malaria Begins With Me”. It is a development devoted to promotion activity and making a change, and this begins with us.

World Health Organization (WHO) has joined the RBM Partnership to end Malaria in advancing “Zero malaria begins with me”. It is a basic-level campaign that intends to keep malaria high on the political plan, assemble extra assets, and engage networks to take responsibility for prevention and care.

Malaria Day Messages –

  • If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. Save your life from malaria. Happy Malaria Day!
  • Fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents. Any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria. Spread awareness on Malaria Day!!
  • Save your family from malaria! Spread awareness on World Malaria Day.
  • Don’t stagnant water anywhere else. Prevent from the mosquito bite. Be aware! Be safe!
  • So patch that net hole today, it may save you from Malaria tonight. Happy World Malaria Day!!

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