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Analytics Tools
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Do you want to know aabout the website analytics. Below is a list featuring the leading mobile app analytics tools that are making themselves known in the market this year

Google Analytics

Google mobile Analytics Tools is a go-to tool that helps to track mobile app data. The platform from Google suits equally to the requirements of mobile and desktop advertisers, publishers, and mobile app developers. Products like AdWords, AdSense are good to integrate with Google Analytics in order to get significant insights.

The list of features is very much exclusive for the marketers and it includes data collection across websites, apps and internet-connected (IoT) devices, data access via the mobile app, configurable APIs, and much more to it in order to suit to the requirement of marketers.

iOS App Analytics

iOS App Analytics is a tool from Apple. The tool is useful for the marketers/developers as it is for the common users. Apple’s analytical offering rightly suits iOS and Tv apps.

For developers, the tool allows measuring both advertising and app-related KPIs including app traffic sources, web and app referrers, App Store impressions, user engagement, and more.

Amazon Mobile Analytics

The Amazon mobile app analytics is a part of Amazon Pinpoint Analytics. The platform covers emails, SMS, and mobile push notifications. The tool has been developed in order to empower app developers.

Amazon Mobile Analytic measures app usage and app revenue with an array of tools. A mobile app is a measuring tool for developers that also helps in user retention. Increasing mobile app engagement and retention will lead to more active and loyal app users. We need to keep increase user retention strategies for your business model.

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Flurry Analytics

This Analytics Tools was the first mobile app analytics provider that fueled the entire app ecosystem as we know it today. Available on iOS, Android, and web, Flurry provides real-time metrics on active users, sessions, and events and even uncovers geographic and technographic information about your audience.

With Flurry, customers can easily run ad hoc queries without having an intimate knowledge of SQL. Flurry makes it easy to manage an app portfolio in the Company Dashboard or drill down to analyze individual apps. You can even compare iOS and Android versions side by side to understand the unique differences within each platform. The best part—Flurry is completely free.


The open-source mobile Analytics Tools comes for free if it is self-hosted. Just like Flurry Analytics, Countly also supports a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. The open-source nature of countly makes it easy for marketers to host the app on their servers.


Supporting a wide range of platforms is an advantage to marketers when they use localytics mobile app analytics. And, the supported platforms are iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and web. Localytics is a way ahead than the traditional analytic methods as the mobile app tool offers smart targeting and marketing automation

App Clix

App Clix is a bit different from other mobile app analytics tools as it helps to access the raw data and organize it as per your wishes. It is an offering for technical enthusiasts that helps them get the technical stuff.

The App Clix team offers product and not the analytical services for the users. There are standard and enterprise versions available for the marketers on a price that ranges from $299 and goes to $599.

The app also offers lease pricing to get the license starting from a minimal amount of $49. The analytic tool is an impressive offering for data lovers. After all, the data is the king in the mobile analytics business.


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