Sound Smarter with These Vocabulary Building App

Vocabulary Building App
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Everyone wants to learn new words through interactive means. With these best English learning apps, learn new and interesting terms in less cumbersome ways. So, her is the list of Vocabulary Building App.

Word of the Day

Word of the Day is the Vocabulary Building App that is great for people who want to increase their vocabulary. This is part of the Helium Apps Education program. The app is perfect for anyone who wants to not only improve their vocabulary but also enhance their general understanding of the English language.

Features of Word of the Day best dictionary app for Android:

  • Favourite words can easily be saved;
  • Each word comes with a complete definition;
  • Get a list of synonyms for every word.
  • Each day, a new word of the day is featured.

Vocabulary Builder By Magoosh

The Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary Building App by Magoosh is another excellent option. The app is free to install and is compatible with most Android devices. This app has more than 1000 vocab words. All the words that are detailed in the Vocabulary Builder app have been chosen by a GRE tutor who is an expert in the field of language.

Features of Vocabulary Builder best vocab app:

  • Sentence example for every word;
  • Games provided to the user for added fun;
  • Levels to unlock to get additional words;
  • Different sections from beginner to advanced.

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Words With Friends 2

Most of the vocabulary building app for adults are in the form of applications. This can sometimes be boring. Those who want something different should definitely take a look at Words With Friends 2.  The idea of Words With Friends is to add a fun element to multiple educational mobile apps that can make learning quicker. A game that gives friends the ability to compete against each other.

Features of Words With Friends 2 app

  • 50,000 new words to choose from;
  • Play challenges alone and gets a strong vocabulary;
  • Crossword style puzzle for an added challenge;
  • Build teams and beat each other’s scores.

Word Domination

Another great option when looking at vocabulary apps that provide a fun experience is Word Domination. This is another game where people are allowed to challenge each other and see who has the largest vocabulary. The game allows people from all over the world to join in and have some fun – and at the same time, learn something new.

Features of Word Domination English vocabulary learning app:

  • The game features new events every month.
  •  Opt for an essay writing service.
  • Collect boosters and get explore features;
  • Challenge mascots and get surprised words.

A Word A Day

A Word A Day is a Vocabulary Building App by INAPP that introduces the user to a new word every day. The application is straightforward and has no special learning curve. The user is able to save the words they like the most. There is a specific tab for the favorited words, which the user can visit at any time. The app provides vocab of the day so that you are able to learn new words everyday.

Features of A Word A Day word applications for android:

  • Google Voice integration for correct pronunciations;
  • Share new words with friends and educate them;
  • Play an interesting quiz of your favorite words;
  • Add the home screen widget of the app and access it.

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