Chhattisgarh Dantewada: Naxal attack kills Bhima Mandavi and 5 others

Dantewada Chhattisgarh
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In an unfortunate incident before upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Naxalites blew BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi’s bulletproof SUV and killed 5 men on the spot. 

Dantewada area has been known for Naxalite activities for a long time.

The convoy consisting of 3 cars was heading from Bacheli to Kuwakonda after election campaigning. His bulletproof car blew up into 2 pieces leaving a 4-foot crater behind it. 

It is said that around 20 kg of explosive was used for the blast. After the blast, Maoist opened fire after the explosion. 

It is said that police had warned him not to travel on that path however, he denied the warning saying that he knew the area.

Maoist warned people not to contest in upcoming elections, this attack is seen as their way of issuing a warning. 

election commission said that polls will happen on time


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