BJP vs Congress, INC should field him against Narendra Modi!

This guy might be able to help win Congress reclaim its lost vote-bank! Let’s have a little fun,shall we?

BJP vs Congress, INC should field him(Sajjad) against Narendra Modi's challange 56-inch chest !-voxytalksy
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Congress is in sheer trouble! The Congress is currently in power in just three states vis-à-vis Karnataka, Mizoram, Punjab and a single Union Territory of Puducherry! They really need to do something in order to save themselves from Modi’s 56-inch chest or else their boat might sink in India forever! We might have a solution called Sajjad in BJP vs Congress rivalry … Read on!

Winning big in the Northeast (forming the government in Tripura and entering into alliances in Meghalaya and Nagaland), BJP is continuing to expand and bolster its saffron presence all across the country. The Congress emerged as the single-largest party in Meghalaya but was unable to stitch-up an alliance. Ultimately, thanks to Amit Shah’s brilliant plan, a five-party alliance led by the NPP might possibly form a government in Meghalaya helmed by Conrad Sangma or Agatha Sangma. BJP’s ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’plan is slowly working its magic it seems!

Rahul Gandhi is in real, real trouble! However, we have found a person who can possibly save Congress from its imperative decline. The method may sound undemocratic, but that is the only option Congress is left with now!

In BJP vs Congress, Sajjad bhaijaan comes to the rescue!

Sajad Gharibi,Congress should field him against Narendra Modi's challange 56-inch chest!-voxytalksyMeet Sajjad Gharibi, a 27-year-old (born in 1992) Iranian man who can easily challenge Narendra Modi’s 56-inch chest! Look at the size of this genetic freak! This is the only person who can challenge Modi at his ‘bear-hug’ game! Imagine Modi’s 56-inch chest being dwarfed within Sajjad’s bear-hug!

  • Sajjad is popularly known by the monikers, ‘The Iranian Hulk’ and ‘The Persian Hercules’ and weighs nearly 300 pounds!
  • He claims to have 22-Inch biceps and his chest looks almost equal to that of Isaac ” Size” Nesser who has the world’s largest muscular chest and arms in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records! Isaac’s chest measures at a whopping 74 inches and we suspect that Sajjad’s chest size is somewhere close to this figure and that is obviously way larger than what Narendra Modi claims his chest size to be!
  • This behemoth is a professional powerlifter from Iran and takes part in many national-level powerlifting challenges.
  • He is a social media sensation with over 387k followers on Instagram. He became famous when he volunteered to travel to Syria to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) alongside the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
  • He is 6′1” tall and can easily do a 400-pound bench-press which is way more than his actual body weight!
  • His unique physique is so popular that he is considering representing Iran in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) arena, and has openly challenged the likes of WWE legends Triple H and Brock Lesnar.
  • He is an Olympic-caliber athlete who also hinted at trying Olympic weightlifting, but due to lack of support from Iranian authorities and a dearth of funds, he is currently looking for global sponsors who can support him.

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What can Congress do with his aid?

  • Since Congress is unable to win most of the elections they contest for, they can use Sajjad in a desi-dangal against Narendra Modi and his favorite team of successful netas.
  • Sajjad can easily scare Narendra Modi in some sort of way to let Congress rule more states on their own! He is so huge that he can also openly challenge Modiji to a duel of arm-wrestling or even a fistfight! However, Modi’s supporters won’t be far behind in trying to shield Modi from this onslaught!
  • They can also win the 2019 LokSabha elections by emerging as the single-largest party in the polls by using Sajjad’s security in all of their election rallies and even by plastering his face on all election campaign material.
  • Since Rahul Gandhi has the audacity to run away (to foreign retreats) from the limelight especially during election results, he can appoint Sajjad as the interim President of the AICC (All-India Congress Committee). No opposition leader will have the guts to challenge Rahul on any topic! No one would want to get smacked to the ground by Sajjad, eh?
  • Sajjad looks so scary that even his growl is enough to make current BJP Chief Ministers relinquish their power!

What if BJP takes him first?

  • Well, if BJP takes Sajjad first, they will surely form governments in States where they have never been in power (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal).
  • In other states where Congress rules (Punjab and Karnataka) and states ruled by other parties (Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha)too, Sajjad’s mountain-man size can be used to intimidate these parties into relinquishing their party to the BJP!
  • No candidate from ruling parties in these states will be stupid enough to challenge Sajjad in public! One punch from this guy can land them in hospital LOL!
  • If BJP uses Sajjad on a larger scale, they will surely scare away RaGa away to Italy forever to his Nani’shome for sure! Maybe his dog Pidi will scare away Sajjad, who knows? It will be very interesting to see this ‘haathicheenti’ battle between Sajjad and Pidi!

To be true, there is no BJP vs Congress right now. Congress is already doomed! There was a time when Congress ruled the roost in this nation, but now the tides have turned! BJP’s massive popularity owing to Narendra Modi’s 56-inch chest and massive outreach with the Indian public is unquestionable and possibly unsurmountable if we see the speed with which they have gobbled-up Congress ruling states in a matter of just 5-6 years! Sajjad needs to be called to India ASAP if the Congress wants to save itself from drowning or else BJP might take him! Whatever floats their boat… LOL!

Disclaimer: This is a humour-oriented post. It is not written with the intention to malign or defame any political party or person. Please take it in good spirit!


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