The most haunted places in India that probably inspire India’s horror shows and movies! – Part 2

Voxytalksy brings you an exclusive list of real haunted places in India that will freak you to the bone!
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Tunnel 33, Barog Train Halt, Shimla

It is the longest tunnel (considered as one of the straightest tunnels in the world) situated on the Shimla-Kalka railway stretch near the Barog Train Halt. It is said that a British engineer named Captain Barog who was given the task of completing this tunnel failed to complete in time and was fired. He got so depressed that he went into the tunnel and shot himself. Since then, the tunnel is said to be visited frequently by his ghost.

Bhangarh Fort – Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan

The 17th Century Bhangarh fort is dubbed as one of the most haunted places in India. It is so spooky that visitors are not allowed to visit this place at night. Only the GRIP team led by now-deceased paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari investigated this place at night and they did find some weird readings on their investigative devices. The story about this place is that some magician called NK Sinhai fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh called Ratnavati, and intended to cast a spell on her to make her his paramour, but failed to do so since the princess killed him by pouring his enchanted potions on a boulder upon finding about his sinister plans. The boulder had crushed the wizard to death. It is said that the magician before dying had cast a spell so ghastly on this place that it immediately led to the downfall of Man Singh to the Mughals and the murder of all the inhabitants of this fort.

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) Campus, Ahmedabad

Apparently, the A3 wing of this campus is haunted. A peon who discovered this phenomenon was found unconscious later. A student here reported seeing a spooky woman in a lift but later on, he became mentally disturbed and hasn’t spoken a word since then.

Jatinga Village – Assam

The Jatinga village is infamous for its unexplained phenomenon of sudden bird suicides. Apparently, most of the migratory birds visiting the area drop dead on the moonless nights of September and October each year at about 06:00 p.m. to 09:30 p.m.! The village is inhabited by about 2500 people who consider it a curse by the Gods. Apparently, this mass suicide occurs only within a one-mile radius of a 600 square meter strip of land. Scientists attribute this to the lights in the village which apparently make the birds dizzy, but it hasn’t yet been proven.

House Number W-3, Greater Kailash, Delhi

Apparently, this place was inhabited by an elderly couple who were murdered in cold blood here. The house is now in ruins, but people passing by this plot report of strange voices and muffled laughter emanating from this area. People avoid going near this place at night.

Three Kings Church, Goa

This Church (Our Lady of Remedios Chapel) is located in the Cansaulim village of the Mormugao taluka in South Goa. It is known as the “Three Kings Church” because the state of Goa was once inhabited by three Portuguese kings who always ran into disputes over who would rule the region. One of the kings, King Holger Alvunger, got tired of all this nonsense and invited the other two kings for a supper feast (now known as “The Feast of Three Kings”) in the church. King Holger brutally poisoned other two kings and later committed suicide when the locals found out and dethroned him. The locals buried all three bodies in the church. Since then, it is believed that the premises of the church is haunted frequently by the vengeful souls of the kings, and there have been numerous sightings and strange activities reported at this place. It has also been investigated by the GRIP team of Indian Paranormal Society. It is believed that the spirits of all the three kings roam around on the premises.

Kakardooma Court, New Delhi

The case is so famous that people do not visit the Karkardooma Court Complex at night to avoid running into a very violent ghost. CCTV camera grabs show very spooky and unexplainable events occurring in the office rooms at night where a ghost is shown flinging things inside the offices, computer terminals randomly going on and off, papers flying about, doors getting slammed and cupboards falling down. Many people who frequent this court attribute it to the people who jumped to suicide from this building after failed verdicts against them.

Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

Many paranormal incidents keep being reported from this place which is considered as one of the biggest film cities in the country. Stage lights falling off, spot boys being pushed off their stations, food getting scattered all over, mirrors with strange marks appearing on them randomly, and many girls have also reported an invisible force tearing their clothes off while some ghost keeps knocking on their washroom doors even when the hotel rooms are locked. Many preventive measures have been taken to check such incidents, but they are still happening.


This is a very tiny list of the most haunted places in India. If you have experienced any kind of paranormal activity at these places or if you know some other haunted stories, please do share in the comments.


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