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Who says boys have a limited option when it comes to fashion? Hear me out here and allow me to change your mind

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Men’s fashion is highly underrated. This phenomenon can be easily observed if you compare the women’s section at any fast-fashion clothing store with the men’s section. It would be considerably smaller in size and will have a limited set of clothes. However, one can easily make good use of the available garments if they know how to style them well. The list mentioned below includes the few basic wardrobe staples a guy can add to his life to add a little more colour to his closet.


  1. Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts are one of the coolest additions you can make to your wardrobe. They are easy to style, available in a variety of colours, and always trendy. You can buy statement Tees of your favourite TV shows as well. Online websites like, The Souled Store, and Shein have a lot to offer when it comes to graphic T-shirts. Pair it up with a well-fitted jeans, backpack, and a pair of sneakers to look cool without even trying.

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2. Hoodies

I mean, Come on! Who doesn’t love hoodies? They are comfy, snuggly, and are perpetually in vogue. Apart from that, they are a college go-ers’ best friend as they need zero maintenance and take absolutely no effort to style. You can never run out of scenarios where you can slip into a hoodie. Woke up late? Wear a hoodie. No time to shower? Wear a hoodie. Classes feel cold? Wear a hoodie! With a hoodie and the right kind of accessories, you will never be underdressed. Style them with a denim jacket or a leather jacket if you want to look dressier and a baseball cap and a pair of chunky sneakers to bring out the jock in you. Ajio, H&M, and Myntra has some of the best hoodies you can find.


3. Button-Down Shirts

Your mothers were right all along, boys. Button-down shirts are a wardrobe must-have for guys. They are the perfect blend between casual and semi-formal and can be styled in innumerable ways. Tuck them in if you’re going for a semi-formal event; otherwise, pair it up with a jacket if it’s a casual day outing. You could also wear it under a sweater for a complete boy next door look or a hoodie if you love Jake Peralta as much as I do. So, skip the primary T-shirt section the next time you go out for a quick shopping and invest in a casually cool button-down shirts.

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4. Wristwatch

Do not underestimate the power of a wristwatch, guys. They look incredibly alluring and are one of the things which women reportedly find extremely attractive on the opposite gender. Investing in watches is an excellent idea because guys don’t have a lot of accessories to play around with in general. A wristwatch has the power to amp up a basic looking outfit and make you look all put together. Fun Fact: One of the basic rules to wearing a watch is to wear it on your non-dominant hand. In simpler words, this means that if you are a left-handed person, wear the watch on your right hand and vice-versa. However, fashion is all about personal style and comfort so you can do whatever your heart pleases.

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5. Caps/Hats/Beanies

Please do yourself a favour and buy at least one of the accessories mentioned above, if not all. I cannot stress enough on how much they enhance the desirability of a guy. They make you stand out from the crowd and reflect that you genuinely care about fashion, which believe me is very attractive. The best part is that they are universal and go with any face and body type. Beanies have been in trend ever since the grunge fashion came in and have stayed for good. Apart from keeping you warm, they also protect your hair and give you an easy pass for a bad hair day. They are readily available at any fast fashion store and will cost you less than 300 bucks. The same goes for baseball caps, snapbacks, and hats. If you don’t want to buy a fancy hat, stroll the lanes of your cities, local fashion street and get it for half the price.

mens fashion hats

Apart from this, you could invest in a good pair of sunglasses, a fancy looking belt, and a couple of ties to complete your wardrobe and make you never run out of clothes. All the articles mentioned here can be bought at meagre prices from thrift stores and street markets. However, I would suggest you to invest in them because they can be styled in multiple ways and will never go out of fashion.

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