JANTA CURFEW : How Jamshedpur presented support to Modi’s appeal ?

janta curfew in jmashedpur, voxytalksy
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My Journey from Maharashtra to Jharkhand is portrayed in this article. Apart from this, I witnessed how Jamshedpur presented support to Modi’s appeal on the 22nd of March, the day of Janta Curfew.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India while addressing his speech on the increasing cases of Coronavirus outbreak in the nation had urged the citizens to follow ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22nd of March 2020. The shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, petrol pumps, and other unnecessary businesses were to be lock-down excluding groceries and medical stores. This was a step that was asked to be taken for the people and by the people themselves to perform social distancing and the rule was observed all over India.

On Sunday from 7 AM to 9 PM every single citizen was required to stay indoors. People those who are indulged in essential services (healthcare, army, police, and media) to combat the disease weren’t required to follow the curfew. It was also requested by the Prime Minister to appreciate the works of the doctors, nurses, police, cleaning staff, railway staff, delivery men, army, etc. by encouraging everybody to go out to their galleries, doorsteps, or windows and applaud uproariously for 5 minutes to thank these individuals. One can likewise beat plates, glasses, ring bells and blow conch shells to cheer and salute them together at 5 PM.

The Indian Railways on Government order has canceled all the trains from the 22nd evening till the month-end. My journey by train from Pune to Jamshedpur was on 21st noon, therefore, I had to travel. Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation the trains that were on the voyage before the curfew timings were hygienically cleaned, wiped and sanitized. The food served in the trains was cooked, packed and delivered under IRCTC service as the train pantry was shut-down. The curtains of AC trains were removed to set the sun-rays inside and no blankets were provided to the passengers due to the spread of the disease. It was good to see that the travelers in the platforms and inside the trains used necessary precautions to prevent the disease.

On 22nd, when I reached my destination at 4 PM, it was surprisingly delightful to watch how people have observed and obeyed the curfew. The platforms were totally empty, there were city police and railway police to keep an eye on the check-up of the passengers. They asked the passengers to form a queue while maintaining distance from each other. The boarded passengers were required to enroll their name, contact, and place of boarding, then after the passengers were tested their body temperatures through an infrared thermometer device.

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Janta curfew jamshedpur, voxytalksy

The streets and the marketplaces outside the railway station, the bus and rickshaw stands seemed to be awfully deserted that used to be crowded and busy in casual days in Jamshedpur. This program propelled region-wide to inform individuals of defensive marks to fight off the COVID-19 danger, and have yielded magnificent outcomes. Individuals realized their duty of being protected and making things protected for other people. The denizens didn’t release the police and authoritative endeavors futile as they adhered to their homes till much after 9 PM, which was the stubborn cutoff time for the individuals with regards to Narendra Modi’s proposal to the citizens.

janta curfew, jamshedpur, voxytalksyjanta curfew, voxytalksy

The city situation was loaded up with the sound of conch-shell and the clanking of metal plates from 5 pm for over five minutes as individuals applauded and appreciated in regard of the individuals who are taking a risk with their own wellbeing to shield other people from the attacks of Coronavirus that is playing destruction all around. Women and children showed more enthusiasm during applauding, banging plates, ringing bells and blowing conch-shells. People stood with their families on the terraces of the house, balcony, outside the door, on the side of the road and were seen doing the step. Jharkhand health minister, Banna Gupta also been a part of the “Taali, Thali and Shankhnaad” moment.

स्वास्थ्य मंत्री श्री बन्ना गुप्ता जी ने भी अपने जमशेदपुर स्थित आवास पर परिवार के साथ मिलकर थाली और ताली बजाकर कोरोना से लड़ने वाले वीर योद्धाओं के सम्मान में अपनी भावना प्रस्तुत की।

Posted by Jamshedpur Steelcity on Sunday, March 22, 2020

The heavy support for the step taken showed how aware and concerned people were about the efforts of doctors, police, and others in the period of this pandemic. It was one of those unusual incidents when people crossed the boundaries of religion, caste, community or any kind of political propaganda just to embrace the Janata curfew. It was that time when the countrymen united with an omnipresent strategy to “save mankind”.


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