Best app locks and privacy lock apps for Android!

Best app locks
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Smartphones nowadays contain a lot of sensitive data. Most of our banking apps, galleries, note-taking apps, etc. need to be secured from prying eyes. Moreover, when we hand over a device to a kid, we might want to prevent him from accessing apps on our phones. So, here is the list of best app locks for Android:

Applock by DoMobile Lab is definitely one of the best app locks which are available out there. The app can do all the basics functions like locking up specific apps. It can also lock up specific videos and images. It also includes uninstall protection, fingerprint support, and you can even lock stuff like uninstalling apps, incoming apps, and your various system functions like Bluetooth. The app is available free of cost to download and use. There is also an option that you can unlock the premium features either by enabling ads or paying for the premium version via a donation. It is a strong app as of now in the market.

Norton, which everyone knows is a big name in the antivirus software vendors. Moreover, the company also provides an ad-free Android app locker. You can lock up your apps by a pattern/PIN or a fingerprint scanner. Apart from securing your applications, it also allows you to safeguard photos, capture pictures of intruders, and prevent the installation of the apps.

Norton App lock offers a recommendation list where it suggests the apps that you should lock up. It is bloated with a lot of amazing features. But it can still be an appropriate choice and does its job reasonably well.

Privacy Knight is one of the best app locks for Android users that cover some of the excellent features to secure your apps. It is ad-free and does not contain any in-app purchases. The app provides you with different methods to lock your apps.

You can use a Pattern/PIN, face tracking, Disguise cover, and fingerprint scanner such as shake, blow, or use a crash message to unlock. You can even hide private photos and videos to prevent uninstallation of the app, hide notification previews from apps, etc.

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Immaculate AppLock is a best app locks and gives you a chance to verify any application on your gadget with a design, PIN, or a secret signal word.

Apart from the outsider applications, you can even bolt up to your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and web information. It has a screen filter highlighter where you can oversee screen splendor of individual applications and a turn-lock to avoid undeniable screen pivot.

The implicit camera can snap a picture of the interloper after three fizzed endeavors.

LOCKit is another best app locks for Android users, which can likewise watch your private documents. You can even utilize the application to bolt your telephone screen also.

It has worked in a document scanner, notices cleaner and telephone promoter. You can use a PIN or any other example to make your lord secret phrase.

You can even conceal the example draw way and make it imperceptible or even show a rearranged console with composing.

This app comes along with a plethora of unique and intelligent features to do justice to its claims of being one of the smart locks. This app offers the provision of password, PIN, and pattern to lock apps and some other essential data. This app here has employed the features of intruder selfie, which captures the selfie of the intruder attempting to unlock your device multiple times.

The photo of the intruder is then sent to the user with the help of an email to the registered email provided by the user at the beginning of the registration. This app has the ability to outsmart any intruder by faking an app crash to divert this attention. Some of the additional benefits provided by the app include the provision to lock Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data connection incoming, and outgoing calls can also be locked.

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